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Feeling Lucky?

Last year many things happened. I may have talked about this one, but probably not. I’m bad like that. Sorry.

One of the many things that happened is that I got a story published in an anthology entitled “Lucky or Unlucky: 13 Stories of Fate“. My story, Runners, uses 13 in a couple different ways and the story was a blast to write. I’ve also read all the stories in this anthology and it really runs the gamut or ways to use the number 13. for 99 cents, you really can’t go wrong.

Another fun aspect of this anthology is that each author is a member of (I’ve talked about this place before methinks). It’s great to see the community produce works like this. There are more than one, but this is the one form 2013. It’s already received a couple great reviews.

So if you need a little something to read and have 99 cents to spare, just ask yourself, are you feeling lucky? Well, are you?