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Cover Reveal: Maven by Starla Hucthon



If you’ve followed along at home, you may have noticed that Starla Huchton is responsible for some of my covers (and will be responsible for many covers in the future). That said, I want you to check out her cover for HER OWN BOOK!. Yes, Starla isn’t just a great cover artist, she’s also an author! WOO WOO! The book isn’t ready just yet, but will be available for purchase soon and I’ll be sure to post when you can get your own copy. She’s also done covers for the likes of Paul Cooley and Nobillis Reed. Check out her work at Designed by Starla and her author page at Starla Huchton!

[Cover Reveal] Paradise Palms

ParadisePalms_2500x1875_300dpi - 50

Very soon I will be releasing a book unlike any other I’ve released in podcast form or in print. My Supernatural Learning series is a Middle-Grade series and is great for the younger set. This book is not.

Paradise Palms: A Murder-Mystery in a Time-Traveling Trailer Park is something for the older crowd. I would tell you more about it, but for now, just enjoy the cover created by Starla Hutchon. She does GREAT covers. Check out some of her other work.

I will hopefully have this book ready to go in the next couple of weeks along with Billy Barbarian. I will be blogging the contents of the book so it you can’t afford a copy, it’ll be here for you to read one chapter every other day or so.

Until Next Time!