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Daily Update: Really Universe? Knock it off.

Yesterday I had grand plans. I knew I had a release, but I had everything ready to go. I knew my favorite daughter had practice, but due to my having a release, the wife was going to take her. I was going to write during my lunch, take a couple of breaks, perhaps even knock out a few words during the release.


I did get a few hundred words out yesterday, but I should have know better. I got everyone up at 6am. I don’t start until 7am so I figured I had an hour to do some quick blog reading and get at it. My favorite daughter wanted breakfast. It smelled so good that once I was done, the wife wanted breakfast. My writing time disappeared and I had about 50 words written.

I thought I would be able to take breaks from work, but for the most part it was consumed by phone calls, preparing for the release, and general work ‘stuff’. I didn’t think this was such a big deal.

I went and got my favorite daughter from school, came back to the house, and started typing. I about 100 words in and my brother called. He’ll be in town next week so it’ll be great to see him. I have a great story to tell about my niece, so I’ll need to ask permission. It’s really cute.

Hung up the phone after a great conversation and typed about 100 words (probably less) and the wife called asking what we were going to do for dinner. I headed out to subway (we need to go grocery shopping) and came back, ate, and it was release time. We started early. I thought “This is great!” Files got pushed out at 5pm my time. Normally this is closer to 6pm. I got in there and realized nothing was working. It was throwing errors like the files hadn’t gone out. I had neglected to inform the person moving the files of the new directory. <grumble>

Once I was able to get in and start testing (after over an hour delay), I realized that I didn’t have admin rights to the database. The client hadn’t set me up properly. Testing stopped pretty quickly as I tried to get a hold of the people in charge of the database (and also the customer for the web app I’d built.) They didn’t come on until 7pm. That’s when testing really began and we ran into one minor issue, but still testing needed to be done. I finally finished around 8pm with my testing and correcting that one smallish issue and then started helping someone else with testing. I have a xoom tablet so I was able to help in development and testing, but once everything moved to production there was a different issue.

<Double sigh>

Around 8:45pm I needed to go and get the daughter from practice. Fortunately the release finished in time and I went to get the kid. We made a pit stop on the way home and were back at the house by 9:25pm. I started writing and I swear I wasn’t 10 words in and the wife needed help with something for her work. I helped her with what she needed and by 10:20 I had a headache the size of Texas. Something told me we were in for bad weather. I wrote a couple more words, but it was just too painful to keep going. I took my good sinus medicine and went to bed.

Today was very similar, but without a release, volleyball practice, or needing to help anyone with anything. It was just a running stream of everything else that needed to take priority.

This weekend my favorite daughter will be taking Freshman SATs (practice for next year) and has volleyball practice in the afternoon. I will write as much as I can during that time. Sunday is tournament day so it’ll be up early and off to Temecula once again. The girls are performing well so it should be interesting to watch them play.

I’ve still got recording to do, editing, and a number of other things. I need to write up an Unorthodox Writing Tips (I’ll do that next). But I need to produce words. I’m still slightly ahead of schedule for the year, but I wanted to do 2000 words per day for Lent. Missed that yesterday so I need to get back on track.

Speaking of getting back on track.

Until Tomorrow!