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A day off…from work.

I’m doing my recording and posting done early today and I’ll spend time writing next.

Had the day off today and got a bunch of yard work/house work done that I’ve been putting off. Needed to take a long break after that (and some Tylenol).

Then I started digging through my emails and found a LOT of WMG Publishing campaigns I’d back and never went to get my stretch goals. D’OH! I have rectified that as best I could. Sent off an email for some rather old ones and I have no expectations that my email will be honored because it’s entirely my fault for waiting far too long to redeem those rewards. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if I get them and will take full advantage.

Those rewards are lectures and courses WMG offers. I’ll link below to the teachable site so if you’re interested, you can also check out what they have to offer. So worth the money to invest in your writing career.

As well, here are some links to other writing resources I recommend. If there is interest in this, I can post more in the future. Let me put in this one caveat: Don’t get so obsessed with writing advice that you fail to write.

WMG Publishing on Teachable:

Dean Wesley Smith’s Blog:

Kris Rusch’s Blog:

I should be Writing (Mur Lafferty):

Harvey Stanbrough:

Dead Robots’ Society:

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

Daily Update: I’m not Jake

To those that know me online, I’m J.R. Murdock. To those that know me in the real world, I’m Jay. I’m not Jake though I’ve been called James, Jim, Jake, John, Jason… Think of a name that starts with J and I’ve been called it.

Does it surprise me when people get my name confused? No. People get used to hearing a full name and when they get one letter, it’s easy to extrapolate and add on letters you think you heard that aren’t really there.

What’s funny is when someone is on a podcast talking about you and they start calling you someone else’s name, then asks you about it after the fact. It’s even funnier when you’re working on a colaborative effort with someone for a few weeks.

Yes, my good friend Scott Roche was on the Dead Robots Society podcast and… well, let’s just say I’m not Jake. He got a little confused and mixed me up with Jake Bible (a fellow author and worth your time to read). Hop on over to the DRS Podcast (not always work safe) and check it out. Scott had some great things to say and he’s doing 52 weeks of Indie where he’s giving away a book a week and one winner will ‘win them all’.

Got a lot of writing done yesterday. I’m not quite on track with my yearly writing goal, but I’m getting caught up. One of the things I forgot about when writing a lot is that I come up with more ideas than I can possibly write. I have another fun idea and should I find the time I’ll start getting it out there. I know I have a lot of projects, but this one could be fun to work in there.

Speaking of getting it out there. I’m slow. I know this. Kance Encounter is coming. My favorite daughter has practice again tonight and I’ll be working on that while I wait for her. Got edits back from Scott and Mike on my Action Pack Story now title Golden West. As soon as I have the cover art in my hot little hands from Dan Dan the Art Man I’ll get my page up over there. The podcast is coming together nicely and it’s interesting working on a collaborative effort in this manner. I’m not working alone on two of my multiple projects which is making keeping on track a little easier.

Speaking of making it easier…

Until Tomorrow!