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Scott Sigler’s Gangster is out in ebook!

You want to buy this ebook if you’ve already read the other books If you haven’t read the others books, start with The Rookie.
The Rookie (book 1):

The Gangster (book 6):

Scott Sigler:

WhArt have I been doing?

Whart, see what I did there? oh, wait. No, you don’t.

I haven’t just been misspelling words (well, i have, but you know, that’s an everyday thing).

I’ve been learning me some photoshop. Yes, I know some. I taught myself all I know. I did my book covers. I’ve had a great time working on them.

I need to learn more. A lot more. There’s so much about photoshop that I don’t know. The more I learn, the more I find that I need to learn. i started watching a lot of time-lapse painting and I would love to learn how to paint. It’s something that’s always called to me. Yes, i create art with my words, but there’s something about the visual aspect. Paintings have always drawn me in.

So begins another hobby. Yes, I will still be writing, I’m just adding this on as something else for me to work on a little here a little there. You will get to see what I’m doing as I post my progress and my projects, be they good or bad. for October I want to do a piece a day. Or at least try. Odds are I will create a few small, fast pieces, and I will create other, more difficult pieces. The goal is to spend a little time every day working on a piece and making it look the best I can.

So here are the first few pieces I’ve done. First is a football field. Not just any football field, but the original field of the Galactic Football League Ionath Krakens. Their original field was orange.


But I was informed that the field was no longer orange. How quickly I forget. The field is now blue!


Then I pieced together some pictures of me from the past. WOO WOO!


Finally I watched a youtube video on how to make a quick, simple space scene. Yes, it’s got a lens flare in there. That’s something I won’t use much or often.


My next piece will likely take me longer to create, clean up, and make look good. It’ll be a fun one, I assure you that. 🙂 I’m laughing just thinking about it. So get ready for more art. Once I get further along with my skills I’ll be starting my own tumblr blog and my own deviant art page. Should be a hoot!

I’m off to go make more art!

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!