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Authors You Should Be Reading: Scott Roche



There are so many words to describe Scott Roche. Most of them are unpublishable, so I’ll just get straight to talking about him.

The Short:

Scott Roche is an author, editor, podcaster, producer, man about town, MMA Champion, beer drinker, womanizer, and an all around good Christian. He’s done so many things over the year that it’ll be difficult to list everything so I’ll just point you to his website and you can do a lot of reading on your own. The Long part of this post will deal with my interactions with this man and you’ll get to know a little more about him. He lives at (don’t try looking at any of his other domains like or because they’re more than likely expired. Honest.)

The Long:

Scott Roche, a close, personal friend of mine, was born on a pirate ship, fed to sharks, saved by a wooden boy, and transplanted multiple times. This accounts for his scatter-brained ideas and his lack of ability to keep his URLs up-to-date. He likes to hop from project to project and will, at times and much to everyone’s surprise, actually complete one.

I became aware of his existence when he decided to podcast his novel, Archangel. I would link to his website for this book, but like I said, he has the super-power to let him domains expire. Don’t get me started.

I’ve stalked followed him for years and would communicate with him from time to time. More often than not, he would forget who I was and it felt like starting our friendship all over again. We would laugh. We would cry. He would forget me and we’d do it all over. It felt a lot like 50 First Dates except I’m not about to kiss him. No beard on beard action going to happen to stop asking.

I still don’t, even though I’ve known Scott for 37 years, know exactly what it is he writes about. He dabbles in horror, sci-fi, Young Adult, Fantasy. He’s posted his fiction on smashwords, kindle, BN, Kobo, and he’s even started to give things away for free on Wattpad (We both followed Dan Dan the Art Man’s lead, and I’ll get to Dan Dan in another post, trust me, I will! Oh yes I will!) Scott likes to spread himself out as much as possible and get things all over the place. Sort of like the genres he writes in. The boy is all over the map. Trust me, he writes something you like. Pick a genre, he’s probably done it.

The first book I read of his (and failed to review because I suck at reviewing books and such) was Ginne Dare: Crimson Sands. This is a YA Sci-Fi book. Buy it. You’ll love it. Trust me on that one. Scott actually finished writing it! If you don’t love it, call me. I’ll explain to you why you do love it. It’s a fun book, well narrated, and quite enjoyable.

Somehow Scott, Mike Plested (you remember this slacker from last week, right?) and I started the Action Pack Podcast. Scott was going strong until we hit the halfway mark or our stories and suddenly he had to drop out. He quit. He gave up! He surrendered! Something about too many commitments. Sheesh. I think his drinking sank him to an all time low, but I’ll let you be the judge. I mean, seriously, have you seen his website? No sober man would create a site like THAT.

Anyway, with his duties on Flying Island Press, his own fiction schedule, his podcasting schedule, his anthology editing schedule (He edited the awesome anthology Dead Ends A book where the proceeds of the sales go to Charity!. It’s awesome because it contains me! WOO WOO!), he said too much is too much. Sadly, he left the show and went off to do all those other things he had already committed to. We can only hope that one day he returns to complete Hidden Planet because dag nab it! He left us in a lurch! People want to know how that ends SCOTT! Dead Ends is right. You should have put Hidden Planet in there. GAH!

But I digress. Where were we?

Ah, Yes, Scott Roche.

Check out his kindle page for a moment, if you will. Look at all these stories. Pages and Pages of stories. Check out his wattpad page. Go ahead, I’ll wait. See all those stories. All free on Wattpad. Good Golly Miss Molly. He’s been busy! So many words for you to read, so little time. Check out his about page on his page. See all that stuff he’s been up to? I assure you that if you take the first letter of every title he’s produce, and rearrange them (you know, like an anagram or cryptogram, or whatever) it’ll spell out J.R. MURDOCK IS A PUTZ! It’s a secret plot to try and destroy me! Secretly. Like in some strange cryptic way.

So, Scott Roche. Lazy Author that can’t complete what he starts or evil, super genius? You decide. Either way, he’s still a close, personal friend of mine and I’ll defend his drunken ramblings to the death! Well, at least under great pain. Maybe a little bit of pain. Put the knife down. Back away slowly. Please.

Check him out. He’s well worth your time and your dollars (unless you’re too cheap to spend $2 on one of his books, you can always read him for free on wattpad you know). Once you’ve read his drek, come back here, pick up one of my books and you’ll see what a true genius writes like. Honest. In an ocean of authors, he’s just another drip. Read him. Love him. Stalk him!

Until Next Time!