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Daily Update: Let’s get serious for a minute

There comes a time in every person’s life where they must begin to understand their limitations. A time for reflection and deeper understand of one’s self. A time when…

Wait, where was I?

Oh yeah, so I mentioned the other day I was helping my favorite daughter and her friends shoot a video. The video was for a project. I helped with the acting by dying twice, getting dipped in ketchup, and rolling in the wet grass more times than I would have liked. I was also the only one to do a ‘costume change’ because of the aforementioned ketchup dipping. Want to see what the final product looked like?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

In happier news, Kance Encounter is available everywhere. You can name your own price over at smashwords (even if you want it for free). It’s .99 everywhere else. Same goes for My Teacher is a Zombie! That’s right, Dan Dan the Art man did an awesome cover for me and I’m all kinda excited about getting that one out there. Check either of them out, let me know what you think. Here’s the link to my author page where you can see all my smashwords titles.

You can also pick up the titles from Amazon or B&N.

If you hit the Amazon of B&N link look for me as some of the titles in the search aren’t me. It’s funny some of the titles that actually show up.

My Teacher is a Zombie is getting a lot of hits, very few sales. I’ll let you know if that picks up. I’m just excited to get that one out there. I’ll be doing more in the series so let me know what you think.

You’re still thinking about that video, aren’t you?

Work has been crazy busy. Taking lunch to type this up. Things won’t be slowing down any time soon either. Ah well.

Writing has been difficult. I’ve got a scratchy throat. Not sure where it came from but I hope it goes back there. It’s made breathing painful and swallowing unbearable. It’s an annoyance that I don’t need and it’s kept me from getting down as many words as I’d like. That combined with many personal things to deal with (shooting the video, the editing, special effects, sound, etc) and getting my favorite daughter registered early for her classes next year. There have been a lot of distractions. I’ve still managed to get a good number of words down, but far less than I’d hoped. I’m falling further and further behind on my Lent goal. I think I’m at 82% of my goal to date. I’ll have to work on getting that number back up.

Even with being down on my Lent goal, I’m still 10 days ahead of my annual goal. Perhaps I’ll get a big block of time to really knock some words out, now that I’ve got that video edited and all.

Ok, ok, you keep bringing up that video. Here it is.

Until Tomorrow!


Daily Update: More Rain

I actually enjoy gray days and a good strong rain. Yesterday it was hail, today it’s just a steady drizzle. Last night we did have a couple blasts that work me up. My throat is killing me so I must’ve rolled onto my back and been the old man snoring. I’d say get off my lawn but there’s no one out and about (at least not walking) in this rain.

I’m not sure why, but the mood to write (fiction) hasn’t struck me. I did force myself to sit down and write and got out a good 800 words. It’s hard to write when you just aren’t feeling it and by golly last night I wasn’t feeling it. Those 800 words happened around 9:30PM and I was pretty much done by 10PM. I had intended to write much longer, but it just didn’t happen.

I did, however, go into twitter and clear out some people I was following. Most hadn’t posted in twitter for over a year (if at all) and quite a number weren’t following me back. Some were celebs who had millions of followers, but did very little posting. They just don’t get this social media thing so why follow them? It was pretty cool to look back through my list and I’m guessing it was listed in the order I began following people. I cleared out about 200 people and promptly found another 100 or so to follow. I’m nearly back up to my limit.

Going through all those followers/following in twitter reminded me that I’ve all but abandoned FaceBook. It still appears to be as busy as it ever was, just without me. I’ve missed it a little bit, but I’ve been crazy busy with writing. I haven’t even thought about FamrVille until I started writing about facebook. Kinda funny. Perhaps I’ll get back over there sooner or later.

Even though I’ve not been writing I’ve been busy with other things. I’ve gotten Kance Encounter up and available on Smashwords. Head on over there if you need a does of fantasy. I WILL be writing other stories in this same universe so be on the lookout for those.

Oh, speaking of works, Don’t Eat the Bread has a cover and will be available soon. I’m working on the edits for that and hopefully it’ll be out next week. Dan Dan the Art Man is also busy working on the cover for My Teacher is a Zombie. It’ll be fun to get that one out there as well. I have many more stories to tell and that I want to get out there. I’ve gotten some great reviews on the ones I’ve put up so far, so I don’t see myself stopping any time soon.

I’ve been having a blast using Scrivener. So much in fact that at first I was a writing fiend with it, now I’m a little distracted by it. It’s not that it’s a bad tool. Quite the opposite. I’m busy looking at all the bells and whistles and having a blast organizing all my works. Between spending a little time on learning Scrivener and a little time messing around with my word count spread sheet, I’ve gotten less writing done than I should. That all should change tonight. I just need to sit down and get cracking!

Speaking about getting cracking!

Until Tomorrow!


Daily Update: This weather is trying to kill me

It rained on and off all night. Not just a light little rain like we normally get. This was LOUD pounding rain. We don’t normally get that. We usually get this long drizzle that goes on for days with spurts of more intense rain. It woke me up several times. By 6am the sun had started to come out, so I woke up and read for a little while.

Then it decided to start raining again. I had to go pick up my favorite daughter from her friend’s house. As soon as I stepped outside it started to rain. <sigh>. I picked her up and got her home so she could get ready for practice. Today she had a 1 hour private lesson before the 2 hour practice. I like to stay at her practice and watch and help out where I can.

Of course as soon as we stepped outside it decided to hail, again. As soon as we got into the car, it stopped. As soon as we got to the school and out of the car, it started raining, then hailing. <sigh>

Yes, it’s been on and off all day. Lots of little hail that’s melted almost as soon as it hit the ground. It did stop for a while, but I’m sure it’ll start again. Thankfully I’ve stayed well medicated and it hasn’t attacked my sinuses to the degree it normally does.

During practice I was ‘shagging’ balls. I stood with two balls in between courts. And what happens? One of the girls from the other court nails me in the side with a ball! So of course I had to dramatically fall to the ground. There was much laughter. I sprang up, said “I’m okay, I’m okay. Who hit that ball?” Again, much laughter and I returned the balls to the bin and continued ‘shagging’

My favorite daughter just interrupted the typing of this post. There’s a place next door to the Rancho Market and Bakery that just opened. It’s called Pistachio Sweets. They’d had a sign up for the last 7 months. We were on our way to get some baklava and what do you know! After 7 months they finally opened Pistachios! WOO WOO!

It’s the same owner as the Rancho Market and Bakery so it has the same awesome baklava, but they’ve also got ice cream, and other baked goods. OMG! Fricken awesome. I couldn’t believe how good everything is. I would have bought a lot more, but hey, I’ll be going back that’s for sure.

Ok, where was I?

Kance Encounter. Remember when I started talking about this title? Well, I finally got it up and online. It’s over at smashwords. Head on over and grab yourself a copy. Dan Dan the Art Man did the great cover for the story. I’ll be doing more in the same universe this year. I had intended to do one per month this year, but I’ve gotten a little sidetracked with other projects. I’m still going to put out more stories in this universe and I’m also going to work on the re-writes for Of Gnomes and Dwarves. More will be coming. Just you wait and see.

Speaking of getting more out, I’d better get on that. I’m behind on my Lent goal and I have a lot of words to write.

Until Tomorrow!


Daily Update: Month in Review

Total words for Jan 2012 – 36176

Blog words – 18149

Fiction words – 18027

Did I write as much as I had hoped? No.

Did I walk as much as I had hoped? No.

I know I’m capable of more and I’m capable of better. I did get a couple good shorts off and submitted. I hope to get another submission off this month. I also published a couple free short stories. Kance Encounter has a minor issue that one I get fixed I will post. That will be later this week. If you’re looking for free fiction, check out Don’t Use the Phone to tide you over until Kance Encounter is out. Don’t Use the Phone does have a slight Christian tone, but don’t be afraid. It’s not heavy handed in any way.

As for walking, I’d chronicled that pretty well. My shins are feeling better, but I don’t think I’ll be running any time soon. If I do it’ll be on the track at my favorite daughter’s school. It’s one of those rubberized tracks and is real nice on the legs. I will, however, begin other cardio training as the complex we live in does have a gym on site. I’ve been doing light weight training in the interim.

As you noticed I have managed to blog daily. I’ll be keeping that up as it is helping when I do sit and write. I love to type so this is always good exercise. It also helps me keep everything clear in my head from day to day. I do need to start making note of when I have ideas for a given blog post. I’ve had some ideas, but they slip by and I don’t post them. February will see some more stories vs day-to-day issues.

The chronicle of Sputtery Truck is still on going. I hope to have it back today. It was supposed to be done yesterday, but replacing an engine isn’t a quick or easy process. I’m not surprised. What will surprise me? Getting my truck back in running order. This has had me very stressed in not having my vehicle and worrying about the money I’m putting into it. I know it’ll all work out, but I can’t help but worry. Look for a happy tweet later this afternoon.

I’m still waiting and waiting really sucks. It’s also got me on pins and needles. I have 6 books with a publisher. Hopefully something catches his eye. I know I need to be patient and publishers are busy, busy people. So I wait.

I’ve also got a couple of short stories out there. Anxious to hear about those as well. While I wait I think I’ll work on another short story and get back into my longer works. I need to write Second Kance for the end of this month. It’ll be a new story, but continue the threads built in Kance Encounter. Each will be self contained with an over arcing thread. Can’t wait to dig into the next story. It’s been in my head for years.

I also need to record my Action Pack story and get that ready for production as well as write the next 4000-5000 words. I also need to come up with a better title. I like Gold Rush, but the date of the story is after the Gold Rush so the title doesn’t make sense. Either way, it’s a fun story so far and I hope it continues to be.

There are a lot of things in the works. I need to get going on them so I don’t let myself get behind. If you set goals for January, how did you do? Are you on track? Are you falling behind? Do you need some motivation? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

Until Tomorrow!