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Last Night’s Dream

Welcome back to another installment of “What’s Going on Inside Jay’s Brain?” Remember, this is a dream (actually 3 today).

First dream was weird. Well, okay, all my dreams are weird, but last night I cannot even begin to explain. The first dream we were on a family vacation. Everyone was there including all of my wife’s family and all of my family including my dad (we lost him a few years ago). That wasn’t the weird part of the dream. The weird part was we were at an abandoned water park with a broken sign. Everything was dirty, dark, and rather ugly. I’m not sure why we went there. Dead leaves blew around. The water was murky. The alligators looked hungry. Despite all that, we got into rafts and went down some sliding rapids that went on for a long time and had to dodge alligators all along the route. At one point it was my turn to jump off a platform and into the water, but the alligators were waiting for me just swimming around. So I jumped, landed on the back of one and woke up.

Then I fell back asleep and my dad and I were running away from an alien invasion. Buildings were burnt out. We needed to get away. We wound up inside my Uncle  Bob’s apartment.

Quick aside, my Uncle Bob is…special. He’s been declared as a paranoid schizophrenic. When he’s not medicated properly he had some peculiar behaviors. He’s also invented a number of great devices over the years, but due to his condition he’s never been able to successfully market any of them. He’s also an incredible artist.

So in Bob’s apartment we needed to find some things to help us. We got out a couple of expandable backpacks. By that I mean they opened all the way up and had many smaller pockets to put things in. We loaded up one for my dad that when folded properly, looks like a regular backpack. Mine, on the other hand, was HUGE! and was like carrying an unrolled sleeping bag. I kept asking my dad for help, but he’d gone off. So I tried to do it myself, but saw a small cube on a dresser that lit up. It was made of hard, white plastic mesh with colored flowers. Each flower had an LED light that complimented the color of the flower (Yellow flower had an orange LED, blue flower had a purple LED, etc). It was fascinating. I started to take it apart to try and figure out why it was lit up. There was no power anywhere in the world. This thing shouldn’t be working. It was plugged into the wall and when I unplugged it, it stayed lit up. I pulled the cord from it so I could take it with me, but it started to fall apart once I did that. My dad showed up and asked what was taking so long. I showed him the pieces of the box and started to cry.

and then I woke up. Confused.

Then I fell back asleep and had dreams about going to the bathroom in public (in fountains, on people’s lawns, in a lake, next to a river.) Then I woke up and realized why I was having that dream.

I don’t claim to understand my dreams, but they can be entertaining. I blame this one on two nights of taking good sinus medicine. 🙂

Until Next Time!