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Dailly Update: NoNoWriMo Day 5

We’re 5 days into NaNoWriMo. My current work count is 10582. I haven’t written yet today and I should be at 10002 words. What does this mean? I means I’m more than a full day ahead and I still have a lot of time to write today. It means that I should be able to hit my goal if I stay on track. I’m happy not only with my progress, but with the story. Poor Vic just… wait a minute! I see what you tried to do there. I’m not going to tell you what’s happening in the story. Just that the most recent chapter I started last night had B.T. Justice on board the Space Cruiser Apprehension. He’s just as arrogant as ever and a blast to write.

I also met with P.G. Holyfield and Starla Huchton. We talked about NaNoWriMo and our progress and things to do during this month to help your progress. You can see our hangout discussion over on youtube. Be sure to check out Both P.G. and Starla as they have some great reading material. You can also see the other chats (I haven’t been in the previous ones, but might be in later episodes). It’s always fun to talk writing with other writers.

My Favorite Daughter had no private lesson yesterday. I don’t think she’ll have one today, and we’ll have to see how the rest of the week goes. I need to take her to a sporting goods store so we can buy a step, a band, and a medicine ball for doing core strengthening. All of these will help her when it comes to hitting, jumping, and speed. She really wants to make varsity next year and I’m willing to do anything to help her out. It’s a tough road. She knows that and she’s willing to make the commitment.

Not a lot else going on. Just a lot of work and writing. Speaking of work…

Until Tomorrow!