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Daily Update: Not for the faint of heart.

There are some days I find weird things. Perhaps you’ve had those days as well. You’ll get on youtube and find something really strange and just sit there thinking.. wait a minute, is this real? Could this person really be doing this?

The first video I found looking at old Laurel and Hardy videos. I was net expecting this. First off I didn’t know that Mr. Hardy could speak Spanish, but I wasn’t surprised much by that. He was introducing an act. You’ll see a man drink a bunch of water and it only gets more interesting from there. The man, Hadji Ali will amaze you even though he won’t say a word.

Next is a video from a current man who can do something similar, but far more interesting. As far as I can tell from watching the videos, this isn’t an illusion or a trick. This man is actually doing what he claims. It’s a little disturbing, but incredibly amazing. Stevie Star started doing this when he was a kid and apparently had so much fun with it just kept going. I’ve only included one video, but there are many out there and each contains slightly different variations and other stunts. If one has you interested, I recommend checking out others to see just what else he can do.

So this was what I was doing while my brain was being crushed by incredible sinus pressure. I also discovered a cool web comic reading app that I will discuss and review tomorrow.

Until Tomorrow!