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A new week, a new sale!

Good Morning and Happy Labor Day (in the US). I hope your week is starting out great!

Gracie (aka Abby) has been renamed. I don’t know we’re firm on that as her name yet. She’s still growing into her name. We shall see.

Yesterday we took her to the park to meet Mya and Koda. Mya, being a Blue Heeler and Australian Sheppard mix, saw a new dog from across the park and shot like a silent rocket across the park and scared the pee out of Gracie, literally. When not in an open area, the two got along great because Mya couldn’t rush into Gracie’s face and say hello aggressively.

With Koda being a teacup Yorkie, Gracie spent time getting to know her quietly while watching Mya and avoiding her as much as possible.

Then, because that wasn’t enough trauma on the day, we went to Abuelito’s house. My Favorite Daughter and Hijo were already there with Mya and Koda at the pool. Being on the other side of the fence, Gracie was more brave and sniffed noses with Mya and TJ (Koda can walk through the fence). TJ is much more calm with new dogs. He’s a Boxer and knows Mya well so those two play rough. Alone, TJ did great with Gracie. Mya still needs to learn about personal space and approaching in a less aggressive manner. Gracie did snap at her a few times.

We spent a good deal of time walking all the dogs around the backyard to get them better acquainted. It’ll take time.

Oh, and even Zion showed up. That’s Hijo’s mom’s dog who doesn’t like anyone except for Hijo. Not even other dogs.

Mya and Koda spent time in the pool. Gracie and TJ got along great. Zion spent as much time hiding as possible. It was a good day.

That brings us to the title of this post!

Today, Paradise Palms is only 99 cents. It will be until next Monday. This is my SciFi murder mystery. It’s my only foray into this genre. I never intended to write a sequel, and I’ve seen more than one comment asking if the story continues and wishing the story would continue. Perhaps one day, there will be a Paradise Palms Two.

One a side note, for some reason, the paperback prices for Golden West fluctuate wildly. Book 1 is currently $5.60 and book 2 is $2.80. I have no idea why, but if you want to take advantage and pick up a hard copy of either of those books, have at it! Nothing better than inexpensive print books! From what I can tell, these are new versions, not used. I haven’t seen book 3 drop below the $7.99 price point. Here’s a link if you need it.

I’m off to spend some time with Gracie, who just learned she can go down the stairs on her own. She learned up the stairs yesterday. I don’t think she’s ever been around stairs.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

Today is today and I recorded 5 a day with Jay

Hey Gang! Make sure you read to the end of today’s post for a little surprise. Oh, who am I kidding, I’m no good at keeping surprises to the end. Well, unless it’s a cliffhanger at the end of a chapter. 🙂

I’ve been talking about the book covers I’ve been working on. I’m happy to present them to you here and now. I would love to hear your thoughts.

I’m excited to have these done. Now it’s time to get the interiors done for the books that are written. Once I have that done and scheduled, it’s time to get on the word train and pump out the books I don’t have written! It’s an exciting time. I can hardly put into words how excited I am to get these books out. I’ve had this plan in my head for SO many years and I’m finally putting it into action.

The titles shouldn’t be surprises or spoilers, but rather a natural transition. My goal was to have each series look like a series, but give the impression that they’re all in the same universe. My Favorite Daughter and the Mrs gave me much help and critique. I can’t wait to have a copy of each of these in my hands.

Speaking of books in hand, a friend of mine recently added to his collection and sent me a picture. What better present to give a writer than a copy of you with books in hand!

I don’t know what to say except, Thank you, Mike! You’re awesome and I can’t wait to get more books in your hands.

Finally, let me end this with, “Hey! I’m looking for beta readers. If you need some free Space Opera to read (Heavy on the Fiction, Light on the Science), drop me an email at and let me know if there’s any you’ve read or if you’d like to start from the beginning. I currently have 3 in publication, 4 ready to go, and there will be 5 more coming over the next year. If I keep up the pace I want to get going, I’ll have a total of 15 or 16 books in this series in the next year and a half.

Yes, a LOT of books. I want to make sure they’re the best they can be. If you’re interested, drop me a line.

I’ve a lot more than I said in the video below, if you’re interested.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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Short Story Saturday – Episode 003

Audio Only: Where Are All The Gods

Short Story Saturday – Episode 001

Audio Only: 1010 1101 For President

GIANT ROBOTS! Coming to smash a world near you!

GRPC - 1-sm

What? Giant Robots? Yes, you heard right. I wrote a book about giant robots. Why? Because GIANT ROBOTS!

It was available for preorder, and now it’ officially up for sale! You can grab a copy right now for my $2.99!

I will apologize now if you don’t do Amazon. If you prefer an ePub version, drop me a note at and I will get you a copy straightaway!

For the rest of you that do Amazon. Hop on over to and pick up a copy today!

If you help spread the word by posting on your social media (anywhere will do), drop me a line at the above email address letting me know where you posted with a link to your post and I will send you any other book in my catalog FREE! Yes, ANY of the books you see, I will send to you. Don’t have Jack Kane yet? Pick up a copy of GRPC, post about it on Social Media, BAM! Free ebook in your hands. (Oh, and I will be gifting the books to you through Amazon, so it helps if you kindle 🙂 )

If you’ve read the book and love it as much as I loved writing it, drop me a line, leave me a review, post about it on Social Media. Help me spread the word far and wide!

And thank you for being awesome!