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Speed Cube!

When in Florida, my nephew, JQ, helped me relearn the Rubik’s Cube. I’ve had one for years and had long forgotten the patterns to solve it.

I first learned how to solve a cube when I was 12 or 13. I’d gotten a cube and a book for Christmas one year. It grabbed me like many kids my age when the cube came out. It was a mystery. It was a challenge. Filled with so many possible combinations.

I struggled to learn the cube. To master it. Young me struggled to learn from a book. Yes, I read that book over and over. I carried that book and cube with me to school and worked on solving that sucker. I’d get called the usual names as I tried to divine how to solve the cube.

Then I was sitting in a hallway with a classmate waiting for something. He asked to see my cube and quickly solved it. What? Like that?

Over the next several minutes, he showed me the patterns I was missing to solve the cube. Having someone sitting there made solving the cube so much easier. I couldn’t believe I was able to solve the cube.

I started solving it over and over and over. I got faster and faster. Soon I wasn’t just a geek with a cube. I could solve it fast. Faster than the person who’d taught me. My faster time was 58 seconds. I’ve, honestly, never timed myself again.

Until today.

With my current cube, I can solve the cube in just under 2 minutes. 1:58. The cube I have is stiff. It squeaks and feels like I’m about to break it as I turn the sides and they get caught and stick. I’ve had trouble turning the sides and solving it fast.

When I was younger, the solution to this issue was vasiline. You’d take the cube apart, lube everything, and put it back together. Yes, it’d be slippery. That wasnt the point. It moved smoother and easier making solving it faster easier.

I’m not about to grease up a cube.

What I did, instead, was buy a speed cube. I’ve already noticed many difference. The inside edges are rounded so they dont catch on each other easily and if they do, the slide apart easily. That’s because inside the cube is a sphere and each piece is attached with flexible connectors.

Wow. I wish I had this cube when I was younger.

With all that, one thing to note. This cube isn’t easier, yet, for me to work with. It moves so easily, that I find myself losing control of the cube and have dropped it several times. I know, with practice and handling, my times will start to drop. I haven’t timed myself with it, but can’t wait to see how it goes.

I’m very thankful for my nephew for reintroducing me to cubing. It’s been a fun distraction. Being that it only takes a couple of minutes to solve, it isn’t a major distraction.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!