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Friday Fiction: Golden West Book 1: Westward, Ho! – Episode 3

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Friday Fiction: Golden West Book 1: Westward, Ho! – Episode 2

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Friday Fiction: Golden West Book 1: Westward, Ho! – Episode 1

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Golden West 2 now available!


First off, Golden West 2 is now available. This is the sequel to Golden West which first appeared as a podcast with the Action Pack Podcast. Yes, it’s been a while, but I love where the story went after book one and I already know how the trilogy will conclude. To celebrate the release of book 2, book one is currently free for the entire week! So you can get started with the series at no risk.

Get Golden West 1 FREE!

Get Golden West 2 for only $2.99!

I’m so excited for this series. How excited am I? So excited that I already have the cover for book 3 and I hope to release it before the end of the year if the stars align and nothing prevents me from doing so.


So if you grab a copy, thank you for helping me out. If you don’t own a kindle, you can still get the ebook. If you buy a copy (or pick up the free ebook) let me know and I will email you an epub version that’ll be usable on any other ereading device. Every sale helps push the book up the Amazon ratings. If you loved the podcast, please consider leaving a review. Those also help more than I can explain.

Thank you so much for your support.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

More about the Ministry Initiative

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Galileo Games and Imagine That! Studios have teamed up to bring you an ambitious steampunk project! The Ministry Initiative is a two-part creative endeavor that will not only premiere new fiction from the steampunk world of the Ministry but also present a brand new role playing game from the makers of Bulldogs! and the ENnie Award winning game Shelter in Place. Thrill to the tales in Ministry Protocol anthology, or join in as an Agent in The Ministry Initiative RPG.

Find out more about this endeavor and support the Kickstarter here:

I’m very excited about this project for two reasons:

1) I am a Ministry agent (buy my story here or here)

2) I played Bulldogs in high school! BEFORE it was a real game! That’s where V&A Shipping came from. WOO WOO!

So to say I really want to see this happen is an understatement! I’m crazy super extra want to see this happen. I want to see it happen, that I’ll give you a chance to win all my currently published ebooks! That’s right. Just for stopping by here and leaving a comment, I’ll put you in the running. If you tweet about this, facebook it, pinterest it, G+ it, anything, I’ll add you to the drawing. All you need to do is come back here and drop the link to where you posted. That means if you tweet it, add a comment here to your tweet, that’s 2 entries to win! If you facebook it and add a comment to link to your facebook post, that 2 more entries! See how easy this is?

Here’s what you have a chance of winning!

ParadisePalms_2500x1875_300dpi - 50 MurdockianTalesColoredLetters02 Astel-sm

MyTeacherisaWerewolf TeacherVampireCover

That’s right! Just by leaving a comment (or tweeting or blogging or facebooking or whatever) you have a chance to win all seven of my titles currently available! What are you waiting for? Spread the word! WOO WOO!

Visit the Kickstarter project! Click Here

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Daily Update: New Shoes

Today I’m about to head out the door and get a new pair of shoes. I tried walking in the old pair I had and they’re terrible. They’re tight, stiff, and just plain uncomfortable. So I’m off to go buy new shoes. Something I haven’t done for myself in a very long time.

See, I’m a flip-flop wearer. I hate the feeling of shoes on my feet. If I don’t have to wear shoes at all I’ll be barefoot in a heart beat. I don’t really even like socks.

But I’ve now learned that walking in flip-flops isn’t doing my feet, my legs, or my pace any good. My feet hurt when I’m done. My shins ache (at least the sharp pain is going away) and I can’t walk as quickly as I’d like as my feet sweat I slip and I’ve gotten blisters on my feet.

So today it’s off to get new shoes.

On the writing front, yesterday was a wash. I did get a blog post up, and recorded an episode of Get Published with my friend Mike Pested. I didn’t actually get any WIP writing done, though. Will I do so today? I’m not sure at this point. I’m off to get new shoes. After that I’ll be at another friend’s house (also named Mike) working on my truck. After that I’ll probably end up at another friend’s house (not named Mike) where our wives will be doing hair and making dinner. We did the same thing last night (minus the doing of hair) and didn’t get home until after midnight.

I did plan on getting up early, but my wife and I stayed up watching Gold Rush. I hate to love that show because so much goes wrong, but I’ve found inspiration in their perspiration. Seeing so many things go wrong has really fueled my work on my own Gold Rush story (a western/steampunk).

Well, all these errands aren’t going to run themselves. So I’m going to fire up the truck, sputter off down the road. Get my shoes, fix the sputtering, and hopefully get home before the wife and kid so I can 1) walk and 2) write.

Until Tomorrow!


Did Bieber Kill Steampunk?

This seems to be a common question. I think I have an answer for you.

I’ve been spending a long time working on a Steampunk novel with Mike Plested. I’ve read a number of Steampunk novels during that time. It’s something that’s become quite an interest to me. I’m fascinated not only by the written word, but the fashion that has arisen around the Steampunk community. It’s really grown into a fascination culture all its own.

So when I saw the Beiber video, I was at first interested. I knew he had done a Christmas Album and for a pop artist this is nothing new. I don’t think Beiber even knew what Steampunk was until he shot the video It didn’t bother me that he had made one. To be honest there are a lot worse Christmas albums out there. Will it be in my music rotation anytime soon? Oh I don’t think so. I’m not a fan of his music. I’m not a thirteen year old girl after all.

But my daughter is. She loves the Beeb. She can’t get enough of him.

Now let me stop for a moment here. I write a lot. I explained to my daughter the concept of Steampunk. I told her what my Steampunk novel was about and she seemed a little interested. She always shows a little interest in the stories I’m working on and have even posted about them on her Facebook page.

So when I saw the Beiber video, I asked my daughter if she’d seen it. I wanted to share it with her. Even though I don’t care for Beiber, I do care about my daughter and I like to know what she’s interested in. Even though she’d seen the video, we watched it together. I asked her what she thought about it.

“It’s pretty cool. I like all the gears and stuff and the song is okay.”
“People online say that he’s killed Steampunk. They’re upset about this video.”
“Why? It’s just a song.”
“Because it’s Justin Beiber and a lot of people don’t like him.”
“So what does this video have to do with Steampunk?”
“Well, you remember that book I’m working on? The Steampunk one? Well, the theme for his video is Steampunk fashion.”
“Is THAT what your book is about? That’s so cool. Now I really want to read it!”

So in my mind, no, the Beeb didn’t kill Steampunk. If anything he’s introduced the concept to a whole generation that may never have heard about Steampunk or even cared that it existed. I don’t think it’ll take off like a rocket, but he didn’t single-handedly shoot the genre in the foot with a ray gun either.

So before you go off ranting that he’s done killed off an entire genre, take a deep breath, step back, and let’s just see where this all plays out. Who knows, it might result in new fans we never thought would turn to Steampunk.