Daily Update: New Shoes

Today I’m about to head out the door and get a new pair of shoes. I tried walking in the old pair I had and they’re terrible. They’re tight, stiff, and just plain uncomfortable. So I’m off to go buy new shoes. Something I haven’t done for myself in a very long time.

See, I’m a flip-flop wearer. I hate the feeling of shoes on my feet. If I don’t have to wear shoes at all I’ll be barefoot in a heart beat. I don’t really even like socks.

But I’ve now learned that walking in flip-flops isn’t doing my feet, my legs, or my pace any good. My feet hurt when I’m done. My shins ache (at least the sharp pain is going away) and I can’t walk as quickly as I’d like as my feet sweat I slip and I’ve gotten blisters on my feet.

So today it’s off to get new shoes.

On the writing front, yesterday was a wash. I did get a blog post up, and recorded an episode of Get Published with my friend Mike Pested. I didn’t actually get any WIP writing done, though. Will I do so today? I’m not sure at this point. I’m off to get new shoes. After that I’ll be at another friend’s house (also named Mike) working on my truck. After that I’ll probably end up at another friend’s house (not named Mike) where our wives will be doing hair and making dinner. We did the same thing last night (minus the doing of hair) and didn’t get home until after midnight.

I did plan on getting up early, but my wife and I stayed up watching Gold Rush. I hate to love that show because so much goes wrong, but I’ve found inspiration in their perspiration. Seeing so many things go wrong has really fueled my work on my own Gold Rush story (a western/steampunk).

Well, all these errands aren’t going to run themselves. So I’m going to fire up the truck, sputter off down the road. Get my shoes, fix the sputtering, and hopefully get home before the wife and kid so I can 1) walk and 2) write.

Until Tomorrow!


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