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New Story Available

You went to the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences to listen to my latest tale, didn’t you? You say you’re not a fan of audio and you’d rather read the story I wrote in Tee and Pip’s world? Well wait no more!

Head on over to Amazon today and pick up your own copy. What are you waiting for? It’s only 99 cents for some steampunk goodness! GO GO GO!

If you’d prefer you can also pick up a collection with my story and three others for only $2.99! Head on over to B&N and pick up a copy of that.

Leave a review, leave a comment, pick up Tee and Pip’s books, read, enjoy!


Daily Update: Still banging words out.

I’ve been writing daily. Not just writing, but writing as much as humanly possible. Okay, not even as much as I possibly could. Just as much as time allows before life intervenes. For June I’ve already written over 35000 words. About a 15000 blog post and 20000 new fiction. I’m writing like CRAZY! But even with 20,000 words of fiction so far for this month I’m behind on my JuNoWriMo goal. I still have 30000 more words to write before I go on vacation. I might not make it. Even if I get close, I’ll be happy. Very happy.

I’m super excited right now because I’m presently 46 days ahead of schedule for the year. I’m 55000 words ahead of schedule. I thought I might be able to get a little ahead for the year, but I never thought I’d be that far ahead. I mean I’m still doing my day job, my favorite daughter is off for the moment from volleyball, and there are still other things that need to be done. The fact that I’m ahead on fiction compared to blog posts is a big plus.

My word count spread sheet for next year will be different. I’ll have to different goals. One blog post goal, one fiction goal. These will add into the overall goal for the year, but I want to try and hit two writing goals for the year. It’ll be a little more challenging and after 2012 we’ll see where those numbers fall and what I plan out for next year.

Obviously writing every day has helped me get significantly faster. I don’t misspell as much. My typing is getting faster (I should do another typing test and see how much faster I’ve gotten.) and it’s much easier to sit and just start writing instead of looking at a blank page for a time. Writing in Of Gnomes and Dwarves does help. I’m excited to be writing in that book, I know where it’s going, and I can’t wait to sit and actually write.

My plan at this point is to finish Of Gnomes and Dwarves book 1, put it away for a time, and start work on V&A Shipping book II. After that, Astel Book II. Both of these are also exciting properties and I can’t wait to jump and and start going on those one more time. I’ve already got them plotted out, it’ll just be a matter of getting he words out.

Speaking of V&A Shipping, I’m still waiting to hear word back from the publisher I sent them to. I know these things take time. It might be time to drop another friendly reminder. Maybe I can wait another month. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything.

Speaking of publications! Check out my story over at The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences! Reginald Coffey takes us into the wilds of China to stop…well, you’ll just have to read it. I had a blast writing in Tee and Pip’s universe and if you like the story, pick up a copy of their books to show you support. That’s right, the second book of the Ministry is out there for you. While on their site, check out the trailer for the book. It’s AWESOME!

I’ve got a lot to do. I need to get an episode of EarBuddies recorded for Jack Mangan’s ( deadpan podcast. I should have done that when I did all my recording the other day. I’m so behind on a lot of things and since I’m so far ahead with my writing I really should attend to those other things.

Like getting my duck post written.

Until Tomorrow!