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Daily Update: Going Home Today

One thing I have always known about myself. I’m a homebody. I like being in my house. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I love to travel, but I’m very content to be home. I miss my things, my daily regimen, being with my family. I miss my favorite daughter and I really miss the wife. It’ll be good to fly home later today.

Being away I did not get nearly as much writing done as I thought I might. I did have a great time being out and about though. Last night Mike took me to a Sri Lankan restaurant. I have Black Pork Curry. I’d never had anything with curry in the name so I figured, why not.

According to Mike it wasn’t much of a curry as curry is more of a stew. Even his chicken curry was more chicken and rice than curry. So I guess I’ll have to be trying it again at some point.

Oh, the food! Wow! Good stuff. It had a different kind of spice than what I’m used to. It wasn’t overly hot. It reminded me a lot of mole (moh-lay) sauce which is a spicy chocolate chicken dish. Not at all what I expected to have, but I enjoyed it all the same.

After dinner we went to a theater to watch John Carter. Upon arrival the kid tried to sell us tickets to the IMAX 3D version of the movie. The next 2D version didn’t start until 9:30PM which would have been too late as both of us needed to get up and be at training in the morning.

*note: I can’t see 3D effects in movies. Every time I’ve gone to see one people will jump, duck, bob and weave. Me, I’ll sit there trying to figure out what’s going on and wonder why the picture looks so grainy and awful. This has ruined more than one movie for me. Most notably Avatar. Had I seen the effects I might not have been so hard on the movies awful plot. Yes, I’m sorry, Avatar’s plot was really dumb and you won’t convince me otherwise.

So standing there looking at the kid, he did try to recommend other movies. I had my heart set on John Carter. I wanted something with good visuals, something of a plot or at least a story. On their list Mike spotted Chronicle. I saw the commercials. I did want to see this movie, so off we went.

Being the only two in the theater felt weird. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to a theater to see something that wasn’t the main feature. I think in total six people showed up for the movie.

I really liked this movie. The only issue I had with it was the premise that it was a ‘chronicle’ shown through one of the main character’s camera(s). The first one got lost which doesn’t explain how the film was recovered. They also didn’t explain how the kids got their powers. Also toward the end of the movie with more action happening There were a lot of camera angles impossible with some of the alleged cameras filming the action.

Even though I had a small issue with that, it didn’t detract from the story. A kid abused all his life gets power that can change his situation and he does so, in the worst possible way. If you were on the fence about seeing this movie, go (or wait for the video rental). There were no BIG theatrical effects that require you to see this one in the theater. It’s got great characterization and a plot that paces well given the storytelling method.

Today I have a half-day of training, then it’ll be pizza, and a drive back to the airport. I should be able to get some writing in while I wait for my plane and on the flight back home. Like I said at the start, I can’t wait to be back home with the wife and my favorite daughter.

Until Tomorrow!


Daily Update: Two Days in One.

Yesterday. Holy cow.

So I had this training session yesterday. It’s for work. It’s dry material. The instructor knows it’s dry material. He does his best to keep in interesting. It’s still dry material, but we need to go through the lessons.

I met my friend Mike.The one who’s done all that music work and cover work for me in the past. You know, for V & A shipping, Billy Barbarian, Murdockian Tales. Yeah, that guy.

He’s a local to this area and we headed over the Bay Bridge. Saw Alatraz and the Golden Gate. Saw, as in, “Hey, see that over there.” We didn’t atually visit. What we did visit is China Town. That was so muh fun. A very touristy place and there were no tourists. Being a Monday night there was no one out and about. Oh, sure, there were a couple of people. It was nothing like what I expected. I had expeccted wall to wall people.

Being a local, Mike pointed out shops to buy touristsy things. I bought touristy things for the Wife, Mi Suerga, and My Favorite Daughter. I think they’ll like what I got and it was all so inexpensive. That caught my by surprise.

It was neat to see some things and I’ll mention that more in a later post and why it was so cool to see them.

Again, the local Mike piked out a place for us to eat. He’d been there before. A young boy followed us to our table. Sat at our table. Climbed up on our table. Giggled, laughed, had a great time. High-fived me. I took a picture with him. I took a picture of the menu on the white board writting in Chinese. I ate something with pork and noodles. A little sweet with a great spiy after taste. It was some good stuff.

Afterward I called up J.D. Sawyer. Mike and I drove over to hang with him. We had a beer, a great cigar, and a lot of conversation. Being both authors we discussed authorly topics. Suh as:

Works in progress

Works in print

upcoming works

legal rights

story concepts

story finances

how little writers make

We also talked about many other author friends and shared a lot about those authors. We talked about (in no certain order)

Scott Sigler

J. C. Huthins

Mur Lauferty

Gail Carriger

Scott Roche

Jake Bible

Paul E. Cooley

Mike Stackpole

Terry Bisson

Mike Plested

Lorna Suzuki

We talked about publishers

Dragon Moon Press

Hades Publiations (Edge)

Flying Island Press

Kindle / Amazon

Smashwords vs Paypal

It was hard, but I did allow Mike to talk as well. He and J.D. share a common interest in photography so they also did a lot of talk about photography. Before we knew it, it was late, the cigars were long cold, and the wind had picked up significantly. Mike and I called it a night.

Perhaps it wasn’t just two days in one, it was three. I did so muh that I woke up this morning and started packing for home. I sent a great deal of pictures home for the wife and my favorite daughter. I miss them. Even keeping myself busy didn’t keep my mind off of things. Even though I’m having a great time up here, I do miss them. It’ll be nice to go home and sleep in my own bed.

Until Tomorrow!