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Daily Update: Back on Track

I set a goal and I intend to keep it. It took some extra writing, but I’m now just slightly ahead of my goal (1 day ahead, but ahead nonetheless). Over the past few days I averaged just under 2000 words a day. Now that I know I can do 2000 a day, I am going to try and keep that pace for a while and see where it takes me. Obviously I need to get some editing time in there and I will manage that as well.

So with all that writing going on, I did mange to knock out My Teacher is a Zombie. It came in at 11,500 words. It’s the right length for the story that’s told and I may go back and add a little here, remove a little there. It’s still a first draft, but it’s done! Completing a work is awesome. Very happy with how the story turned out and I’ll be releasing it on my daughter to see how she likes it. I already sent off a cover idea to Dan Dan the Art man. I’m not ready for cover art just yet. But when I am, look out 🙂

The lost boy returned home. I’m very happy about that. I still have no news. I will likely have a special update later today.

Other than my arm being sore from throwing a volleyball around for the past few days, I got nothing. Keeping it short today.

Unless you want to hear about a dream I had? You do? Okay then.

In my dream I was a middle-aged man (not a big stretch there) and I had a family much like my own with a wife, one daughter, and two dogs (this was scarily close to reality). Only in my dream I was retired. But from what?

I got a call from my old team mates. They wanted to get together for one last adventure. I tried to inform them that I wasn’t in my prime anymore and I probably didn’t even fit into my suit. They said they didn’t care. It was TIME TO RIDE!

That was all I needed to hear. I suited up in my silver suit, put on my helmet and went to the basement. The entire house, on rollers, moved aside so I could launch my weird falcon/eagle/bird looking ship and head off for the moon. Some evil-doers had gotten up there and was causing a ruckus and it was up to my team (a name never formulated in my brain) to stop him.

As it is in dreams, it was fun. It was fast. It was over before it was over. I woke up before we got to the moon. It did stick in my brain though and I might have to write this one some day. Might be a fun short.

And that was my dream. I wish is had been more exciting. Perhaps you can take this as a writing prompt of your own. If you do, let me know. I’d love to hear how the story ends.

Until Tomorrow!