A Post a Day

That’s one of my goals for 2012; to post at least once per day. Just a quick ‘hello, here’s what I’m up to’. These will be separate from anything else I post such as Unorthodox Writing Tips, Weekly Word Counts, Guest Posts, Book Reviews, and Announcements. I may even post a picture from time to time. I love to take pictures of birds and clouds, so if you think that might be interesting, I can post a picture from time to time. Just let me know.

As for how the New Year is starting, well, I’m writing this post. I’m currently watching the Chargers trying to beat the Raiders. During Half Time I will write like a mad man. During commercials I will write like a mad man. After the game I will also be doing some more writing before we head over to my friend’s house for a New Year’s day dinner. Before I go to bed I hope to get a little more writing in.

Oh, I’m also helping my wife while she’s making chipotle chicken. I love being a taste tester. The house is filled with the smells of onion, garlic, and chipotle. Dinner tonight is going to be awesome!

I will keep these posts short. Even though I have the ability to ramble, I will endeavor to keep these posts under 500 words. I just want to try and get into the habit of writing something each and every day even if I don’t have the ability to work on my WIP. I have a xoom tablet and a smart phone so I should have no excuses for not posting daily.

If I get annoying with these posts, let me know. My hope is that I’ll be able to gain more followers. My blog and podcast have never had more than 150 and if I do things right I hope to double that number this year. That’s one of my other goals. Yes, I have a lot of them and I’ll keep you posted, every day.

Until Tomorrow


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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one with a long list of goals. One of mine is to write everyday as well! Good luck to you!

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