Chipotle Chicken and Mini Pies

Yesterday was a good day. Not for writing, but it was a good day. I watched the Chargers eliminate the Raiders from the playoffs (always a good time). My wife made some awesome chipotle chicken that we took over to our friends house. There was much eating to be had and great company. Then I realized I hadn’t tried out my Christmas present.

Each year on Christmas with my wife’s family we do a white elephant gift exchange. Everyone buys one gift rather than trying to buy something for everyone. You have the option of opening a gift or stealing. I was second and didn’t want the first gift opened. I had opened a mini pie maker. I love pie! I really wanted this gift. The fourth person to open a gift also got a mini pie maker. During the course of the game, his pie maker got stolen and then mine got stolen. So I had to go steal the other pie maker locking the gift as mine. Happiness was also mine.

So after we had eaten dinner I remembered that I had gone to the store shortly after Christmas and purchased cherry and peach pie filling as well as pre-made crusts. I hopped in the car and went back hope to get the everything and in doing so I remembered that during our trip to Oregon over the summer we had gotten a couple jars of homemade apple pie filling. I grabbed one of those as well.

Making the pies was easy enough. The two packages of pie crusts was enough to make twelve little pies. We also realized that we could pretty much make any filling to put into the little pies. Pot Pie filling, eggs and ham, eggs and bacon, eggs and sausage. I think we may be making breakfast pies soon. I know this little toy will get a lot of mileage. It’s quick, easy to use, and makes yummy little pies.

Time to do some writing.

Until tomorrow.


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