Daily Update: Learning to walk.

I almost feel like a child. Not in a good way. I spent a good deal of time stretching my shin muscles (I didn’t even think about this) trying to get the pain to go away. I did some minor exercises to work on getting them back into shape. As I said yesterday, the pain was excruciating. It was painful just to try and get back to the house after my walk.

But yesterday I did walk again. I had to concentrate on taking small steps. I listened to slower paced music to help slow my pace. Each time I would lengthen my stride, the pain would come back, but with a shorter stride, the pain was far less. I completed a three mile circuit in 45 minutes. Slow, but I completed it. I know it’ll take time to get to where I can do a much better time, but as long as I’m getting myself out there each day, I know I’ll do better.

I’m also getting into the habit of putting down words every day. Yes I wrote a blog post, but I’ve also gotten some words down every day in my WIP. Sure I didn’t write much, but I did sit down and write. I need to learn to focus and to actually tell someone around me when I’m trying to focus. Even if that means I need to leave the house to go somewhere else, I may have to do that. It’s hard to write next to someone and every couple of minutes they want to talk to you.

Now I’m talking about my wife and daughter and I have no desire to ignore either one of them. I love them dearly. So I need to find my own quiet time. Even if it’s only an hour here or an hour there. I’ve gotten good at writing in fifteen minute bursts, I just need more practice.

I’m also working on multiple projects at the same time, so I need to learn how to hop from one to the other if I’m stuck on one. They all have their own deadlines and time management is just as important as project management at this point. It’s only five days into the year. I’m on track with the goals I’ve laid out. It’s just a matter of keeping at it. Much like with my walking, small steps at first. Bigger steps as I build up my strength.

Speaking of building strength…

Until tomorrow


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