Daily Update: It always feels good


I sat down last night around 8PM. I had been up and down and had trouble finding the mood to write. The previous day’s output wasn’t anything to write home about. In fact writing home about it would have been higher on my word count than what I wrote.

So last night I helped my daughter shoot a little video for her English Class. She needed to re-enact a scene from a book, but more one she wrote instead of directly from the book. I had encouraged her to read October Sky and one of her friends from her reading circle also stopped by. The other we shot this morning. So I had to learn a little bit about video editing as I’d never done anything like that before.

When I did actually sit down to write I read through what I’d written the day before (all 300 words of it) and it was pretty much explainy garbage. I didn’t throw it out. I’ll have to go back and fix it, but I left it there. It does serve a purpose. What I needed to do was to get my villain moving. Once I got him from point A to point B with several mishaps along the way it became easier and easier to write. I had found his motivation and ran with it. In thirty minutes I had written nearly 1100 words. I ran out of steam, but I felt good with the output. I now had the motivation of my protag and antag. This will make writing go smoother as I progress and I already know all the key plot points I intend to hit with this story.

The one I’m talking about I will be doing in a monthly podcast with co-author Mike Plested. We will probably have a podcast out soon discussing the project. Speaking of Mike, we’re also in google docs in the edit phase of editing out Jack Kane novel and we’re about to start the process for plotting out book two. We’re both excited to get going with the editing as it’ll allow us to start shopping it around. It’s a fun book, quirky in its humor, and we should be able to find it a home.

On the walking front, yesterday was a little easier. I’m still taking the pace slow for now. Once I get going my legs want to stretch out and lengthen that stride and when I do the pain in my shins flares up and slows me right back down. Tonight (or tomorrow) I’ll be getting new walking shoes. I intend to go to a sporting goods store and ask the shoe person what’s a good shoe for walking for a person with shin trouble. Regardless of the pain, I was still able to do nearly 3 miles in 45 minutes again.

If you’ve been to the actual blog (not sure if you read this with a reader or hit the blog) but you’ll see I have my numbers up on the side for projects I’m working on as well as my yearly goal. Each Sunday I’ll post where those words were written and mileage walked. I’m also planning on including a daily writing prompt in each post. I think I will start those next week.

Until Tomorrow!



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