Daily Update: Video Editing

Yesterday was a pretty good day for writing. I mostly did re-writing on a story that I have in the Of Gnomes and Dwarves universe, Kance Encounter. Although Kance isn’t one of the main characters in the series, he fills a needed role to help tell the history of world that leads up to where the rest of the characters will take over. Much of this history will be referenced throughout the series, but the short stories will help better define what has gone on before. I’m really excited to be doing these shots (one per month during 2012) and I’m even more excited to get back into the world that I first created when I decided I wanted to be a writer.

The roots of this story go all the way back to 1985/1986 when I played Dungeons and Dragons and these characters come to life. Actual writing didn’t begin until 1988 and, as I’ve chronicled before, didn’t get completed until 1998. The book suffered from many false starts and too many re-writes. I plan to do another re-write and this time I will be completely redoing the series as I’ve learned so much about writing.

On the walking front, I managed a good time yesterday with the new shoes. Shin splints are still happening, but are getting easier to deal with. I still want to go much faster, but still when I start to get moving a little faster than my legs want, the pain comes back. It’s more of a dull ache instead of a sharp stabbing pain so slowing down with a smaller stride still helps. I know it’ll take a few weeks before I can really move on my walk and if things go right, I’ll be able to start running in a few months. Oddly I’m looking forward to it.

I got my daughter’s video edited for her. The kid wrote the script and decided what needed to be shot. I just added the music and pieced it together. That took up a lot of my writing time over the weekend and I’ll be attacking this week with renewed vigor and a need to get caught up or even ahead of where I feel my writing should be at. I’ll post the video once I get approval from the kid and the parents of the others in the video.

Speaking of video, I learned a lot (well, enough to be dangerous) about video recording and editing. If I get bored I may start posting some video updates in place of blog posts. I had fun editing them and had a thought of recording Unorthodox Writing Tips as videos. Interested? Sound like fun? Leave me a comment. Let me know. I’ll see what I can do.

Time to get at it.

Until tomorrow


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