Unorthodox Writing Tips 10: A Different Point of View 2

Have you ever been sitting and staring at the same four walls for hours on end? Something about the doldrums and monotony can drive a person insane Not only that, but it can suck all the creativity out of your brain. Sure I know all about getting into the habit of sitting in the same place to do your writing, but sometimes getting a fresh view point is critical to keeping the creative juices flowing.

I normally do my writing in the same place every time that I write. Today, I’m sitting out in front of the gym where my daughter has volleyball practice. The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, it’s 65F outside. It’s a beautiful day. Why would I want to sit inside on a day like this?

Moreover, why would I not want to write on a day like this? I got up early, did my walk, and I’m all ready to do some writing. I don’t have internet access. I don’t have any distractions. I have a fully charged netbook with a keyboard that helps me type faster (I searched far and wide for this little sucker). It’s the perfect time to sit and write.

Not only that, but sitting in a different place engages a different part of my brain. It breaks me out of the normal routine of writing. I feel energize sitting outside today. There are different sounds, a different background to look at, even different people to watch (I’ll do a people watching post one day soon).

One thing I’ve always found to help break me out of a writing rut is to put myself in a different location. It’s so easy to fall into a routine of bad habits. How often have you wanted to sit down and write and wound up doing anything but write? If you have the means with a laptop, netbook, tablet, or some other device, pick it up and move somewhere else. This will be the first step in breaking the bad habit of not writing when you want to write and help create the good habit of writing.

It may even help you with finding where you are your most productive. I’ve learned that I can’t write my best when sitting at my desktop so I’m rarely there any more. It’s too easy to get distracted by facebook, twitter, email, a game, sorting my ebooks, or any number of things.

I actually do my best writing in different locations. As I said, today I’m sitting in front of the gym at my daughter’s volleyball practice. Later today I might sit on a chair outside if it’s still warm enough. I’ve sat at the kitchen table or on the couch.

Don’t let location stop you. There are an abundance of places you can go to write. A library, Starbucks or any other local coffee shop, the local park, you could even take your portable device with you and write while you’re having dinner at some restaurant. Anywhere that you can set up and start typing. This is your chance to use your imagination and find different locations to write. Don’t let your current view distract you from getting your writing done.

Until Next Week


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