Daily Update: First Day Back in the Office

It’s something I don’t think about much. I work from home four days a week so given time off, the holidays, and everything else, today is my first day in the office since December 13th. I don’t mind coming into the office. The commute normally takes thirty minutes so it’s not that bad either. Plus I get to talk to co workers face to face when I do come into the office.

Working from home has given me something more, though. It’s given me the ability to be a self-starter. When I work from home, I sleep in a little later. I usually wake up before my alarm goes off and get ready to start my day. I usually have my laptop already on so I can just sit down and go.

This has really helped me with my writing. I can just sit down and go. There are some days I need to do a little more, like get myself off the internet. There are even days when I just don’t feel in the mood to write or something is distracting me. These days will happen and I’m learning to work through them. Sure I can make up an excuse like, I only need to write 1000-1500 words a day to make my yearly goal and I can get caught up tomorrow. No, I won’t. If I slack off I won’t hit the goals I’ve set out for myself.

The same goes for my physical fitness goal for this year. I didn’t set a weight resolution or an exercise resolution. What I did was set a goal to reduce my body mass and get myself into better physical condition. I’m not gauging success of this goal on pounds lost or distance traveled during my walks. I’m basing this goal on the size of my stomach and the amount of fat I can feel on my body. Being in better physical condition is more important to me than the number of pounds I see on a scale.

Speaking of fitness, I walked again yesterday. I was able to do the circuit I’m walking in just over 40 minutes. This is a success. The pain in front of my legs is still a dull ache that comes and goes and I’m starting to get a weird, I guess I’d call it a weak feeling in my right knee. I was aware of the problem and my doctor had told me that I need to exercise to get the pain in my knees to go away. So I’m working through that.

Well, as I said, I’m in the office. there’s work to do.

Until tomorrow


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