Daily Update: Almost missed it.

I’m super tired. This week was stressful both at work and with the home life. Stress happens. I got a great amount of writing done, and it was all painful and difficult. I wrote my way through it. I didn’t get as much walking in as I wanted to, but that’s due to physical pain. I still did some workouts with my weights though. I didn’t allow anything to actually stop me.

Then came today. I just ran out of energy. I took a little nap thinking I’d wake up and have a little dinner, a shower, and jump into some writing. Well, I took my little nap now I’m more tired than I was before the nap. I’m thinking I’ll be down for the night and try again in the moring.

It’s been a long week. I wanted to do a longer post, but tired brain just isn’t up to it right now. I’ll do better tomorrow.

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