Daily Update: Yeah, I’ve been whiny the past couple of days.

I’m kind of over that at the moment. The whining I mean. Posting on this blog is a way to clear my head. Get the cobwebs out. Get my motor running. Get my fingers typing. Get my brain in the writing mode. To get all that bad stuff put aside and just get words flowing.

Sorry if I’ve dumped on you the past couple of days. It’s been a bad week. Yesterday I so wanted to take a nap and stay up late writing. Today I so wanted to get up early and start writing.

The best laid plans…

At any rate, the day is still young. I’m rested, refreshed, ready to rock and roll. I cranked out an episode of Unorthodox Writing Tips for Mike Plested to use on Get published. I had several okay ideas, and all fell flat and I deleted them all about half way through. When it comes to ideas, I can be like that. It either got to resonate with me, or it’s out. I threw out several because they were either weak, or sounded authoritative and mean.

I did say the say was still young, right? It is. As soon as I have dinner here in a few minutes I’ll be back into To Fall From the Sky. I had it end at a certain point, and having slept on it, I’ve decided that point was dumb and I’ll be deleting the last few hundred words or so until I get it back on track. I had a guy show up with a gun at the wrong moment and it was also the wrong guy. I need to put him in the right spot then it’ll have impact. Where I put it, it’s just confusing and really makes no sense. I think I was tired.

I hear the oven screaming my name telling me my food is ready. I better head down there before it burns. I’m excited. I have all night. WOO WOO!

Until Tomorrow!


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  1. I have to say that I keep hearing Mike mentioning you over and over. So, I decided to check you out. 🙂 Hello! *waves*

    I hear you about the constantly deleting posts. I don’t know if this will help, but here’s what I do. I don’t delete them, I save them as drafts and then work on them later. I always manage to be able to tweak them so they don’t sound dumb, or authoritative, or mean.

    Also, not to be mean or overly picking but this:
    I did say the say was still young, right?
    Is that supposed to say day? 🙂

    Catch ya later!

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