Daily Update: Mini Pies.

Last night the wife, my favorite daughter, and one of her friends made mini cherry pies. This morning we made mini breakfast pies. I had gotten the pie maker during Christmas and I’ve only used it twice. I really need to use it more. This little thing is quick and rawks 🙂

Pies are cool.

Update on music on my Xoom. I downloaded the MixZing player. This allowed me to select where my music folder is and only plays music from that folder. It also let’s me choose songs by album or artist, build playlists, all the things the other player did, but were having a problem with. I deleted all the stray music and the Google music player still doesn’t know where my music is and winamp wants to put up to 5 versions of each song in the master playlist. So my music problem, for the time being, has Ben corrected.

Mike Plested and I have started plotting Jack Kane II and it’s going great so far. Once we get this plotting done I’ll begin the edits on the first novel in earnest so we can get it ready for beta readers and submission.

Went to my favorite daughter’s volleyball practice earlier today. They looked good. They have practice again tomorrow. Even though they lost all their games yesterday they were all in good spirits. The coach had them doing some interesting drills and exercises. Some made them laugh as they were doing them so it was a good thing.

I normally do these posts in one sitting. Today has been an up and down day. I’ve managed to get about a paragraph out and I’m called off to do something else. Sometimes life is like that.

Our latest was off to get a rental car because sputtery truck won’t be ready until Tuesday. Now that we have the rental car, we’re off to Sees Candies to get a gift for someone. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Tomorrow I’ll be at an onsite training. I’ll post about that later. Once we get back from Sees, it’s writing time.

Until Tomorrow!


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