Daily Update: Onsite Training

I had intended to get two short stories assembled and up yesterday. Well, that didn’t happen. Sorry about that. They’ll be coming very soon. Spell checker got me and that was my fault. I hope to have the stories up later today.

We got our rental car last night. It’s pretty nice. My favorite daughter loves the back-up camera. I found it distracting, but hey, I’m old school and use my mirrors. I’ll be driving that to my training class in my steel-toed boots. I feel like I’ve got 2 ton weights on my feet. I’m a flip-flop kind of guy. I’ll be bringing those along with me to change after the class.

My training class today is pole climbing, ladders, wires, etc. I’ve been through it once before. We’ll get to look at the trucks we’ll be working in, but not actually use them. It’ll mostly consist of how to climb a pole, how to secure a ladder to a pole or wire to perform work and how to keep yourself secure while doing these tasks. I’m actually a little excited to be heading out. I sit behind a desk all day and though I love my job, it’s always nice to do something different once in a while.

Why am I doing this training? I can’t actually discuss that here. Internal company business and all that. I will be going to another onsite training in the middle of March. I’ll actually have to travel to that one for a few days.

Tomorrow I should have Sputtery Truck back. I haven’t heard anything from the person working on it which I hope is a good thing. He said he’d call if they found anything else that needed replacing. I’m hopeful that means all is going well and Sputtery Truck will be happy to see me tomorrow afternoon.

I started watching a show (it’s a 2010 show, but I just found it) called Ancient Aliens. Tomorrow I’ll see if I can find the link to the show. It’s pretty interesting. I can easily spot where they’re making a huge leap of faith, but there are some very interesting aspects to the show. I watched one last night about underwater cities that pretty much blew my mind. Aliens or not, those cities were built long before man was supposed to have built cities. I’ll ramble more on that tomorrow. Suffice to say, the show is great fodder for stories if you believe what’s said in the shows or not.

Until Tomorrow!


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