I’m Listening

I just listened to The Dragon Page and here’s what I have to say:

This works.

Listen to what they talk about at the end of the show. They got into doing book reviews (I’ve done a few) and one thing Mike Stackpole mentioned about doing a review, if you post your review in twitter (ex. I just reviewed a book by @mikestackpole) the author will most likely ReTweet your review. This is true for nearly all Mid-List authors I know.

The books I reviewed I did for two reasons. 1) I loved the books I had read and 2) I knew they would attract attention.

When I reviewed Mike Stackpole’s Conan novelization I really liked the book. I’m a sucker for a Conan movie/book/comic/etc and I was disappointed by the recent movie. But I really enjoy Mike’s books which is why I read it. I knew that if I put Mike’s name in a review or blog post, he’d repost it for me and this would bring people to my site.

That day alone I had 75 visitors. This may not sound like a huge number, but when you consider that before that I was getting 5 hits a day, this was HUGE. Since then I’ve had, on average, 15-20 hits per day. Now to be fair I also started blogging on a daily basis, but that little surge showed me the power of doing book reviews and I’ll be certain to do more. Just you watch for them 🙂

I just wanted to tell Mike and Mike that I’ve seen this in action, and it works. As for free books, well, I haven’t done enough reviews yet to earn any of those and to be honest, I’m not a review site so I’m not expecting any. But if you love reading and love reviewing, make sure you’re letting the authors know what you’re up to.

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