Daily Update: Climbing Poles

Yesterday I went to a training class. I had a wonderful time. I had attended this particular class three years ago. It’s all about safety. We learned about hard hats, gloves, safety belts and straps, ladders, and poles.

The course is supposed to be about climbing poles. I’ll get to that in a moment.

We did a lot of how to inspect each piece of gear. We discussed how to inspect telephone poles by hitting them with hammers, poking them with screw drivers, looking at the markings and the like. We inspected ladders and strapped ourselves in at the ground level.

Last time I took this course we climbed the ladders and secured ourselves to a strand. We also climbed a ladder against a pole. Finally we climbed a pole without a ladder. Apparently last time this training was done, a couple of people were lost. I feel bad about this, but at no time did our instructor force anyone to perform any task they did not want to. He asked each person “Do you feel safe? Are you prepared? If you run into any trouble, grab on and I’ll come and get you.” One person did require assistance. Three people opted out from performing the climbing. I’m not there to judge. They all had their reasons.

Now, I grew up in Minnesota. I’ve hung from the top of a tree by one hand just to see if I could. I’ve jumped from tree to tree like a freaking monkey. Heights excite me, but I’m not terrified of them. I know, for the most part, what I’m capable of now and then and I don’t mistake the two. I’m not 12 anymore. I have an appreciation for what can happen if I’m not paying attention.

Yesterday only one person bowed out from climbing the ladder against the pole. We only went up 10 feet over a sawdust bed. It was a safe environment to work in.We all had a good time, but I was really looking forward to climbing a pole. We were not permitted for our own safety. I understand why, but I was still disappointed.

I still had fun at the class. I’m crazy like that.

On to other news. I should be getting Sputtery Truck back this afternoon. I’ll  be calling shortly to see how it’s going. It’ll be nice to return the rental and get back my own vehicle. I like my big truck. I think this will also help clear a small mental block I’ve had in my head and help me get a good night’s sleep. Or so I hope. We’ll see.

I don’t think I’ve ever said this, but let me state this now as I’ve seen this happen on other blogs.

There are some things I will NOT talk about on this blog because of the volatile and personal nature of the topics. This list is subject to addition, but not exclusion.

Taxes, Religion, Politics, Doctors, Lawyers, Candle Stick Makers.

Okay, maybe some day I’ll talk about Candle Stick Makers, but not in the foreseeable future. If you’d like to discuss one of these topics, I’d be more than happy to, just not on this blog. I’m here to entertain and on a rare occasion, educate (though this will more than likely be due to some mistake on my part rather than actual intent). I love the comments I get on a particular post, so please, keep them coming. I do read them all and will likely respond on the next Daily Update.

Until Tomorrow!


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