Daily Update: Well this is a little different.

Normally a low pressure system will move into an area pulling along a storm front or a high pressure system will push a storm system in. Yesterday it rained and I had been clear as a bell. Today, well, let’s just say not so much. This is different in that I normally get hit before the storm, not after. It’s not nearly as bad as it could be, just slightly annoying. At least the pain in my head isn’t as bad as it normally is.

Waiting is still the worst thing in the world. I’ve gotten responses back from two people I’ve been waiting for and one is good news that I cannot announce yet (but will as soon as I’m able) and the other is just to let me know I’m not being ignored. I know both are extremely busy so I don’t mind waiting. Good things are worth waiting for. Just doesn’t mean I have to like waiting 😉

On the writing front, I had intended to write last night, but wound up running a few of the girls home from the non-practice last night. This took about 30 minutes less than the actual practice. The three girls all lived in different areas. There was a stop for ice cream and I spent some time with the wife watching a couple reality shows. After spending the day writing documentation, it was a nice diversion.

I have acquired the code to the workout room. I may head over there during my lunch. We’ll see how that goes. It’ll be nice to get back to the exercise routine. I do need to do something as walking/jogging had really cleared my head and helped me write faster. Of course so did not eating ice cream, but that’s a topic for a different day.

This weekend my favorite daughter has a tournament. Not sure where just yet. Details will be provided at a later time. Usually today or tomorrow. When we got to the ‘old’ gym last night (the girls hate the old gym) it was filled with tables and water leaks. This is why practice had been cancelled.

The ‘old’ gym? Not the one at my favorite daughter’s school Heaven’s no. They practice at a different school during the week and it has a ‘new’ gym and an ‘old’ gym. We’ve seen rats running under the stage on more than one occasion. It’s dirty, bordering on decrepit, and not a place the girls like to practice. But you need to make do, right?

Each day as I write these daily updates, I think about my mother or my father. Mom is still with us, and I have many great stories to tell about her. One involves her making a sailor blush. That was awesome. She is a colorful character and a great source of my inspiration. My father is also a great source of stories. He taught me all the Shaggy Dog stories that I know. He also provided me with a great business sense that I hope to use as I step into the world of publishing. I hope to share many stories about them in future posts.

Until Tomorrow!


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