Daily Update: It’s amazing. No, really.

It’s amazing how much time I waste in a given day. Over the past couple of days, yes, there have been circumstances that have prevented me from writing. Sadly some of them were my own brain. I need to stop doing that.

Here’s a brief musical interlude: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHLAtGBIvY4

Yes, this is what I end up doing. I’ll get something stuck in my head and I’ll need to go looking for it. A good friend and I used to sing this song way back in high school and we loved the strange looks others would give us as we sang it. Unless I’m mistaken, it was my father who introduced me to this song ages ago.

But I digress. I’ve got a lot going on inside my brain at the moment and it’s odd that the more that is going on, the more ideas I come up with. I have been given an opportunity to play in someone else’s sandbox and within minutes of getting the ‘nod’ I had three ideas. One is okay, the other two are tough to choose between. So I researched both for a few hours last night and I have a great direction on either story. Now I need to choose.

So if you thinking that I didn’t write a lick last night, you’re correct. I know to reach my yearly goal I only need to write about 1100 words a day. That’s it. That’s a drop in the bucket. Doing these daily blog posts are easy and it cuts the words I need to write drastically. I just keep allowing distractions to distract me.

If you’ve been playing along you know I have a number of projects I’m working on. I also have a few that need editing, not just writing. I need to get on them as those works are complete and just need some spit and polish to get ready. I haven’t been lacking in motivation to write/edit/read. I’ve been lacking in organization. I look at my yearly word count so far and I’m disappointed in that I know I can write much more than I have. I’ve got the ideas. I’ve got them plotted. I just need to sit and write and not let other things distract me.

I had a plan to start getting up early. But when I lay down at night, I’m not tired so I read. Next thing I know it’s 11:30 or midnight and there go my plans for getting up early. I think I need to take that time where I lay at night and start writing instead of reading. I know I need to read, but with the number of projects I’ve piled on myself, I need to do much more writing than I currently am.

Angry Birds be damned, I will write!

Sorry, needed to get three stars on that level.

But seriously. I sit down to write and I’m losing focus because I have too many directions to run in. So I’m picking one. I’m going to run with it that day, and then I’ll change directions. I’ve tried writing a little each day on each project and that’s not working. So I’m about to start focusing. Look out. High energy laser-like focus is on its way. Only good things can happen from here.

Until Tomorrow!


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  1. Stop lollygagging and get editing Jack Kane!

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