Daily Update: Hey! It’s Sunday!

Fist, an update on the Lost Boy.

Some people have asked and I think it’s great that people are following along and reading this blog. The boy who’d been lost had returned home after the 3 day long party. Yes, he got sucked in to going to a party. That night the boy, Diego, made all the kids (all younger than him) take out their batteries and sim cards and the boy’s parents destroyed those items. The following morning when the police went to Diego’s house to ask about the boy, the parents refused to allow the police in due to no warrant. There were a lot of boys there.

That Sunday morning (at around 2AM) the police found the boy at a bus stop with a woman under the influence (of what they were unsure) but the boy appeared to be unharmed and not under the influence of anything. The boy was crying saying that he needed to help get the woman home. The police took both of them home.

The parents were very happy to have him return, but he wouldn’t say anything about who/what/where/why. Apparently there were death threats made for anyone who talked about the party.

The parents made the boy go through the entire neighbor hood to collect the “missing” signs they’d hung up and apologize to everyone who had a sign. Then he had to sit down on Facebook and send everyone a thank you and an apology for what had happened. Then he had to call the school, talk to the principal, the teachers, and everyone who helped with searching for him.

As far as I know, he still hasn’t spoken about what happened at that party and no charges have been brought against the parents.

I didn’t hit my 2000 word writing goal yesterday. Went to a friends house for a BBQ. Had some awesome food. Ate until I couldn’t eat no more. Slept in a little bit today. Going to try and knock out a bunch of words today. I was going to write more on my adventure to try and fill in some holes, but going back and re-reading, I think I’ve covered it pretty well from my time after high school until now. I’ll be having fun adding some memories into some of my stories. I added one in My Teacher is a Zombie and my favorite daughter got a good laugh out of it.

Right now I need to take my favorite daughter to her volleyball lesson. today I may very likely sit in the truck and write so I can get caught up on my word count today.

Oh, if you didn’t check it out, I have a guest blog post over at Dan Dan the Art Man’s blog about TV memories. Oh the joys of childhood television watching. Check it out. I hope you like it.

I’m going to get at my writing.

Until Tomorrow!


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