Daily Update: Working hard or hardly working?

Have you ever sat down to work (or just to get started on something) and BANG! Everything you planned on doing is right out the door before you even touch the keyboard?

Yeah, I’m having one of those days. Seems that each time I touch the keyboard something else is jumping in to say HELLO! and interrupt what I was planning on doing. Once I collect my thoughts and get going there’s another one. Some days I feel like I need to disconnect from the rest of the world just to get something done and I can see why many writers do that during their writing time.

Alas, this is my actual job getting in the way of me getting other parts of my job done. It all needs to be done, but there are parts I need to do, calls I need to be on, and then there’s the coding I’d rather be doing. I really like programming and when something gets in the way of that I have a tendency to get even less done because it takes time to get into the right frame of mind.

Anyway, I had planned on getting this blog post out first thing this morning, but early morinng issues caught me and haven’t let go. I’m taking a late lunch and hopefully I’ll get a little coding in before I call it a day and start typing words. Such is the life of a programmer.

Sorry, just needed to vent a little bit. I’ve got some Golden Earring – Twilight Zone turned up and a writing candle lit.

I hope you enjoyed last week’s little jaunt into my life. It’s been a fun trip and I know I have many stories to tell from those days. I wasn’t always all work and no play. Wait, I’m still not. I’ve just gotten older, not more mature, mind you. Hopefully I’ve gotten a little more responsible with age.

I had a lot of recollections while I wrote all that up. One thing I noticed is that I’m really bad about keeping in contact with people and oddly, I think those same people are just as bad in keeping in contact with me as well. Out of all my Navy buddies, I’ve only heard from two over the years who’ve tracked me down and only one friend from school who also tracked me down. I’ve always kept in touch with Sean and Jeff over the years and we’ve all gone our own ways as time has gone on. Even though all three of us still live in Southern California, we haven’t all gotten together in a very long time.

I think I’ll add that as one of my goals for this year. To get the band back together for at least one night. My friend Jeff plays in a Black Sabbath tribute band in L.A. and he’s playing all the time. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a date he’s playing, pick up Sean on the way to LA, and go hang out and have a good time with lots of loud music. You heard it here. Keep me to it!

I hit my writing goal for yesterday. Not just hit it, but passed it and kept going for a little while. I managed 2500 words even with everything we did yesterday. I feel great about that. It means I’m not going to let a little thing like not having enough time keep me from hitting my writing goals. We’ll see what today brings me.

Well, that was Lunch. I should go write some code now.

Until Tomorrow!


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  1. Stumbled across this and it hit a chord for sure. Just about every day my “plan” is tossed out usually before 9:30am. Such is life in the – land of my priority had better be your priority or I’m going to tattle to Mom (the bosses).

    Code on young man!

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