Daily Update: Had a great time yesterday.

You may have noticed from my extremely short post yesterday that I wasn’t around much at all. Let me give you a quick rundown.

Got up somewhat early and started doing a couple of errands and getting ready for the beach day my favorite daughter had planned. She had a friend stay over so we went to Starbucks, went to 7-11 to check our lottery tickets (I was a WINNER! $7 back in my pocket baby), got some gas, went back to the house and had breakfast.

Because we had cleaned the house there weren’t any laptops lying around and I hadn’t charged my tablet so no post happened. I figured I’d get to it later. I thought about starting one on my phone, but by the time I thought about it I figured I should start packing things into the Tahoe.

My favorite daughter had a volleyball clinic at her school held by the Varsity coach. She had an outstanding session and the coach even made several comments about how well she was doing. She didn’t want to go saying her hand hurt, but you’d never know that once she got going.

While I was there the wife went and did shopping to get snacks and whatnot for the beach. Since I had loaded the LARGE cooler into the Tahoe it was filled with a multitude of snacks and drinks. Then it was a matter of going and picking up all the kids and heading to the beach.

The Millicans joined us as their daughter was part of the semi-reunion my favorite daughter had planned and heck, let’s be honest, it just fun to have the Millicans around. There was eating of snacks, feeding of seagulls, a foot race that I started laughing during and nearly went face first into the sand, more snacks, more seagulls ,chasing of birds, poker…oh yeah, my favorite daughter and her friends spent as little time as possible around the grown ups. They had a volleyball, the water, and a lot of fun.

I posted a couple of pictures in twitter. It was cold, windy, and cold. The sun did make an appearance shortly before sunset and made its brilliance known. Knowing it was about to get cold we started packing things in. Our intention had been to have a bonfire on the beach, but all the fire rings had been removed. So much for roasting wieners  over an open fire.

We dropped of one child and headed back to the Millican’s house. There we managed to clear the deck (literally) get the grill going, fire up the Jacuzzi and before you could say ‘it’s ready’ the Jacuzzi was full of kids, the hot dogs were ready, and we were a eatin. Because of the silly temporal shift that happens around this time of the year, it was nearly 9PM as we sat down to eat.

At this point I became a little twitchy that I hadn’t written ANYTHING the entire day. Hey, life happens. Roll with it, right?

So hot dogs were had. One of the Millican’s friends showed up and we had some great conversation. He hadn’t been around in quite a while and had some stories to tell. Some good, some bad, some fascinating. He shared with us a music video he did with some footage shot while he performed on stage before Solja Boy Tell’em (or however he spells it.). He goes by the stage name of Tempmuzik and you can find him on youtube. The kids got talent. Check out his video.


Now I’m not a big fan of hip hop, but this song is really cool. He even had a video online of how he made some of his beats and the layers he needed to do for putting it all together. It’s a lot of hard work. He said he submitted an audition video for the x-factor and got accepted. Hopefully this will do wonders for him. He’s got mad skills.

Eventually 11:30pm showed up and it was time to take the kids home. Will a full car, I had to leave the wife and my favorite daughter. The rain started and really picked up once I started dropping them off. Everyone made it home safely and I got to say ‘hi’ so a couple of the parents (still good friends) that I don’t see too often anymore. I got home around 12:30AM and finally to bed just before 1AM. A very long day, but a lot of fun.

Today I need to take my favorite daughter to a private volleyball lesson and then she’ll have two hours of practice. After that it’s recoding the Action Pack Podcast, editing, posting. Then I need to record one more little piece and finally I’ll be getting my butt in chair and doing some serious writing. I’m falling behind on my Lent goal. Ah well. These things happen.

I’ve got a busy day ahead of me. The house is clean, the projects are laid out before me. I just need to make the time to sit and type a lot today. I’ll see you on the other side.

Until Tomorrow!


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