Daily Update: Ever have one of those days?

It hasn’t been one of those days. At least not yet. It’s been one of those weeks. Every time I think I’ll have a little time for sit and write, or record, or get something done on a project, the time evaporates and whoops, nothing got done. Not just nothing, but less than nothing. Sure I got my blog posts out (almost missed a day) but my production this week has lacked severely.

This week isn’t looking much better. With Easter weekend coming, my favorite daughter out of school for the week, and traveling up to Lemoore (a few hours north of LA) on Friday morning. This will also be a light week. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some meaningful writing done between now and them.

On the plus side, I spent a great deal of time with the Millicans, watched my favorite daughter have a couple awesome practices, took a great walk and will walk more from now on, and had some quality family time. I also got to see the Three Musketeers (awesome, go see it). So I don’t count the missed writing time as a loss.

What have I discovered about myself this week? That I’ve gotten into a writing groove. That it pains me when I cannot write. I get antsy. I tap my fingers on any surface thinking about what I’d be writing. I translate scenes in my head and try to add humor to them and how I would include it into a story. No matter how hard I try, I need to write, not just want to write.

I really do love writing. I love all aspects about it. Watching my word count pass me by is difficult at best. I struggle to get up early and write, and it has been a struggle lately. When I was walking I found it easier to get up. Now that the wife and I are walking, I’m hoping that I’ll sleep better and wake up more refreshed. As it stands, waking up is difficult.

Some of the funny things I did the past week. Yesterday, April Fool’s Day, The Millican and I took his son shoe shopping. His son joked “My two dads are taking me shopping.” So when we went into one store and a sales clerked came over and offered assistance I said “Oh, we’re just looking for shoes for our son.” She smiled, The Millican and his son both had to turn away because they were laughing. The girl looked a little puzzled and left. I went into the corner and burst out laughing. I’m not sure how I managed to say it with a straight face.

Second funny thing: I’ve got annoying neighbor dogs. One is blind and loves to bark. She’ll bark at the wind blowing through the trees, cars honking, the sound of a door opening. She’ll bark at darned near anything. The other dog isn’t blind and doesn’t bark nearly as much. One day I decided to remove the doggie door (there was a draft) and when I leaned it against the fence and peeked over at the two dogs, the sighted of the two dogs barked at me. I hid behind the glass of the doggie door and she cocked her head to the side. I peeked out, bark. Hid, cocked head. I was pretty sure she could see me and for some reason found this a game to play and did so several times during the day with the same result each time. Well, I was amused.

Even though it’s been a tough and low productivity week I’ve kept my humor level high and just had fun with it. I know I can’t stress out about goals. I’m ahead of my annual goal. I know I’ll make that one. So I missed on the Lent goal. I’m not even going to try and fight it at this point. I will still put down as many words as possible, but I’m not going to fight it. I will post my final Lent numbers next Monday. I’m still happy with the result even if I don’t produce another word. Speaking of producing words.

Until Tomorrow!


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