Daily Update: Trying not to be overwhelmed.

It’s easy to have a lot going on. When it comes to my writing I have a lot going on. There’s also a lot going on with my work life and my home life as well. It’s easy to say “Oh, I’ll just keep track of that in my head” but it’s so easy to lose track of something. I have been getting better about writing things down to keep track and it does help.

Even so, I still feel overwhelmed. I feel like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. I almost would rather not be so busy, but I know the rewards waiting for me at the end far outweigh the crushing feel of everything I’ve piled on myself. I’ve got lofty goals, and I’m getting them done. I really am.

That’s what I keep telling myself and looking at my word count spread sheet I can see the results. I’m on a diet and losing weight. Putting on clothes and seeing them hang on me versus forcing the fabric to extremes is a visual confirmation that I’m doing the right thing. Tracking my walking progress (walked yesterday, slowly, but I walked) helps me see how much time and distance I’m putting in. I’m a very visual person apparently.

This helps me keep track of what I’m doing and how well I’m doing, but I still have moments of when I sit down and my brain wants to play Angry Birds (even though I’ve solved all the current levels) or play Plants vs Zombies (even though I’ve solved all the levels). Sometimes my brain just isn’t into the task at hand. I’m working on a better way to get into the groove and be as ambitious as I was at the beginning of the year. I’ve been derailed a couple of times and I’ve done my own fair share of self-sabotage in getting started again. The only constant I’ve had has been getting these daily blog posts out. I’ve got that steady stream unbroken since the start of the year and I’ll keep it going.

The other goal I’ve kept going is Unorthodox Writing Tips. I’ve managed one a week since I started. I’m proud of that. I’ll be assembling them all together in an ebook when I hit 25. I’ll let you know when I drop that one out there. I’ve also gotten out a good number of short stories. I need to get more out. I’m having a blast watching the number of them that go out. I’ve gotten a few good reviews which always makes a writer happy.

Even so, it’s easy to ask “Why?” which is what I’m doing lately. Not sure what my brain is going though. I know the overall goal is to see a book published by a major publisher and it’s difficult waiting game. I think that might be what’s getting to me. Waiting. It weighs on your mind, pushes all other thoughts aside. I should push it aside.

Right. That’s what I’m going to do. Put the waiting aside and out of my head for now and press onward. I’ve got a lot of other projects that require my attention. I’ll distract myself so the waiting stops killing my brain J

Thank you for listening. I just had to get that off my chest. Now to make that word count meter go in the right direction a little more.

Until Tomorrow!


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