Daily Update: Hey!

Last night I didn’t do any writing. Darn it. I did, however, have a couple great skype chats and got a little bit of audio edited. Okay, I got a lot of audio edited. Well, the same audio multiple times really. If you’ve ever done a podcast you know that it’s not just record and post (unless it’s a chat/interview) and requires multiple takes, editing, processing, and listening through for errors. Usually it’s 3-4 times it takes to record.

So what did I edit? Well, I had recorded my part of the Action Pack Podcast the night previous and last night I got the audio edited and prepared, then I spent the next three hours producing the podcast. OH! Hey!


Enough with the yelling.

Also head on over here (http://www.ministryofpeculiaroccurrences.com/)to Tee and Pip’s site for the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. You’ll see their latest announcement of the upcoming Tales of the Archives coming over the next few weeks. Hop on over there. Buy a book, but a short story, check out the first volume of short stories. Trust me, it’s worth it.

So, again, I didn’t get any writing done. Darn it. Yes, that Lent goal is slipping away. I’m sure I’ll be smitten (smited? Smithed? Smythed? Smothered? Whatever) due to my lack of commitment. I’m still days ahead of my annual goal and I’m not slipping there, but I’m not getting ahead of the game either. This is kind of when I wanted to punch out a lot of words during the Lent season. This weekend will see light updates from me. Sorry about that. I will update. I will get words out. Just very few.

All of my projects have my with high excitement levels. This makes it very painful to not be writing fiction. Watching the word count slip is one thing. Not fulfilling my need to produce fiction is difficult. How will I get over that? I’ll have to take a day and do some binge writing. See just how many words I can crank out in a day. This week it’s not likely to happen. My favorite daughter has a BBQ today, practice tonight, practice tomorrow, we have dinner with friends on Thursday evening, and we’ll be up at 5am Friday to head of to Lemoore to spend Easter weekend with family up there.

There’s a lot going, so I just need to find a few minutes here, a few minutes there and write what I can during this week. It’ll be challenging. I won’t have a block of an hour or two to sit. I’ll have to make use of whatever time I do have available.

On the non-writing side, I saw a clip for Space Battleship Yamato 2199. http://www.giantfreakinrobot.com/scifi/watch-10-minutes-space-battleship-yamato-2199-battle-footage.html. I LOVED this show as a kid. I didn’t get to watch the entire thing until I was an adult (just a few years ago) and I can’t wait to see the remake. From the looks of it, they’re sticking true to the original story/theme. It’s in Japanese so I can’t understand what they’re saying. Darn it. I’m hopeful a translation/subtitled version will be forthcoming. I will purchase this collection!

Watching it got me to thinking if this was what Battlestar Galactica used as a basis. That got me to thinking of Battlestar Galactica and Almos. That got me thinking of a story my dad told me of being at a dental convention and seeing someone that looked exactly like Almos. He introduced me to the man and it turned out he was actually Almos’s cousin. It’s such a small world. Then I missed my dad and thought about him for a little while.

You never really think about the influence some people have had on your life until they’re gone. I miss my dad. Some days more than others.

I should post another story about Uncle Bob. As long as I’m thinking about it.

Uncle Bob’s motto in life is why stand when you can sit (he used to carry a folding chair around with his) and why sit when you can lay down. When at home he will lay down instead of sitting in a chair.

My dad and Uncle Bob were roommates for a while. My dad had given Bob money to go buy groceries while my dad went to work. Bob found a great deal so when my dad got home there was a wedding cake sitting on the table. Bob had two forks (one in each hand) and was eating like there was no tomorrow.

There were other times my dad would come home and Bob, a great artist, would have drawn something like a wrench. My dad said he saw two wrenches sitting on the table holding down a piece of paper. When he tried to pick up the two wenches, he only got one. The other Bob had drawn.

Unfortunately Uncle Bob is quite insane (paranoid schizophrenic) and cannot function normally. He had joined the Navy and gotten a section 8 discharge (also called a Psyche discharge). During his testing he was dressed in a hospital gown and not one of the modern ones that cover you all up but one that’s open in the back, and he decided that he didn’t want to be there so he ran away. Down the street. And it took them a couple hours to catch him and bring him back.

Oh, I’ve got more little stories about Uncle Bob. I’ll share them at a later time. He’s a fun and colorful character. I guess I should get to getting…

Until Tomorrow!


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