Daily Update: I’ve played buffet before.

Once upon a time I used to be able to do some damage at a buffet. I’d get my dessert (life is short, eat dessert first). Then I’d move on to at least three plates of main courses, maybe some salad, and back to more dessert.

Last night it was buffet night. As I mentioned earlier in the week, we were planning on having dinner with some good friends. Apparently this was a surprise to the Millican who wondered who those good friends were and if he was invited. Apparently his wife never told him he was going.

Barona, in case you didn’t know, is a local casino. A little gambling happened. But the line was so short that we were seated before we knew it. While the ladies and the kids got their food, I got a piece of cherry pie and some cookies. The Millican and I started out right.

My first plate started out humbly enough. Normally it would be piled high and go down fast. I had some turkey skewers, a sausage, some mac and cheese and a couple other smaller items. I discovered grilled pears in brown sugar. Oh yeah! Those were awesome.

The second plate was a small salad. I mean not much at all. Oh, and I had a couple pieces of sushi. Let me tell you that following up eel rolls and wasabi with a chocolate chip cooked is a bad idea.

Then I got a plate with some roast beef and mashes potatoes. I love me some mashes potatoes and gravy. But I felt full. I mean really full. I still got a dessert plate and a half dish of ice cream.

The pain afterwards made me quite uncomfortable. I’d been full before, but not like this. I have never eaten so much that it made me sick but last night I though bad things were in store. I have eaten twice that amount in the past. Last night I just couldn’t hang with the big boys though.

On the writing front, I got my 2000 words knocked out. My Teacher is a Werewolf is coming along nicely. I think I’m at about the half way point with the story. I’m going to have fun keeping this series going.

Speaking of keeping things going, I have a great idea of where Golden West will be going. I had a vague idea of where I was going with it, but now the idea is a lot more fully formed. As soon as I get done with My Teacher is a Werewolf I’ll be diving back into Golden West.

This morning was up very early. We headed to Lemoore. We’ll be spending the weekend here. More news on that…

Until Tomorrow!


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