Daily Update:In Lemoore

Greeting from Lemoore NAS. We left home yesterday at around 5am. Stopped off at the in-laws and picked them up and we were on the road around 5:45. Luckily we didn’t hit any traffic and before you know it we were stopping for breakfast just north of six flags magic mountain.

When the wife and I were dating we used to get season passes to Magic Mountain and go any weekend we could. We’d get a hotel room and go for two or three days. Heck, we would be some or the first in line before they would let cars in and we would be there until they started shutting thing down and asked us to leave. I remember one time we convinced the Viper ride operators to send us four time in a row with out getting off the ride.

But I ‘m getting sidetracked.

So before you know it we were stopping once again because I forgot to get gas when we stopped for breakfast. Whoops.  And all in all it took us just under 6 hours to arrive in bright and sunny Lemoore. Now when I say bright and sunny I did not say warm. Good grief was it cold. I brought shorts and short sleeve shirts cuz it was supposed to be warm. Ah well.

We came to Lemoore NAS because the wife’s niece’s husband is stationed here. They’ve got four kids and weren’t able to come down for Easter. It’d been a while sine we have seen them so a bunch of us packed up to come see them. I think 13 of us in all so just a small contingent of the family.

It was great to see the kids. I love tossing them into the air and they lo e being tossed in the air. So far I have a perfect track record without dropping one child or bumping on into the ceiling. Hopefully I wont break that streak.

We had a strange snack that had some grain that I never had before with lots if veggies in it. Good stuff. I think it was a vegan dish. We had pizza for dinner. Oh yeah.

We are staying on base in what used to be old Navy barracks and is now a Navy Hotel. It is really nice and I can tell the y used to be barracks. Nice barracks though. Not as much concrete as I remember from my days. Very comfortable and great accommodations.

I will lost more about our adventures and my encounter with the world’s largest horse tomorrow.

Until Tomorrow!

Woo Woo!

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