Daily Update: COOKIES!

I have a freeze filled with tubs of cookies. I had ordered several from the Millican’s nephew and they arrived yesterday. Being that I have a freezer in the garage it means I’ve got mine out there as well as the Millican’s. They needed space for more cookies yet to be delivered. I feel the urge to bake something now. The proceedes from the cookie sale go to the Valhalla Lacrosse team.

On the writing front, my heart is in it, my mind is fuzzy, and my productivity is low. I’m still putting down a few words, but between finding the time and having the mental focus, they’re just not coming out as quickly as I’d like. The weather was supposed to be rainy. It cleared up and another bout of headaches made writing difficult. I hate taking the good sinus medicine because I wake up feeling woozy and wobbly and have a difficult time getting a good start on the day. So it’s a choice of take the meds and be run down or don’t take the meds and have crazy, wicked-bad head ached.

The word count is still going up and that’s all that matters. Right? Right! As long as I keep my fingers nimble I will make words when I find the time. Ten minutes here, fifteen minutes there. If I get a good writing block, watch out. J

What have I been working on? My Teacher is a Werewolf, still. I’m nearly at the 10,000 word mark with that one and probably half-way done. I’m really liking how the characters are evolving.

I need to get to work on Episode 3 of Golden West. I’m also very excited about this next episode. If you’ve been following along, it’s been two chapters of Abigail Champski and one chapter of Reginald Sneller. I’ll continue with this flow until the story progresses to a point where I need to do one and one. Then I’ll likely do two Abigail and two Reginald. We’ll see as the year, and the story, progress.

Today is Friday the 13th. It’s dark out. Getting gloomier as the day goes on. My headache is clearing. It’s supposed to rain (hooray). I love Friday the 13th. As a young one I used to go to the cinema and watch the Friday the 13th movies when they would come out. My friends and I would usually have a schlock night where we’d watch bad movies. As Friday the 13th would arrive we’d do a marathon watch and hit the theaters when the new movies came out. It wasn’t about plot, character development, or anything like that. It was how did Jason get the kids this time? The hack, slash, blood, CHEER! We’d keep count of his kills and yell at the stupid teens on the movie getting done in.

My favorite daughter wants to go to a lacrosse game tonight. If it’s raining, I’ll have to say no. Judging by the color of the sky, it’s looking like it’ll be a no, but we’ll see.

There’s a lot of things going on between work, home life, and writing life. I’d better get at them.

Until Tomorrow!


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