Daily Update: A little rain, a little hail, a little sunshine

The weather has decided to be a little nuts. I think the weather man is nuts as he said it would start raining around 2PM and IT DID! Right on time! I had to look at my watch to make sure I was seeing things right. I had a flash back to the movie Back to the Future. You know the scene. If you don’t, go watch Back to the Future II. Even if you do, go watch the movie anyway, it’s a great movie. Heck, all three are great movies.

Speaking of movies, we (the wife, my favorite daughter, and I) went over to the Millican’s house last night. I’ll get to the movie in a moment. We had dinner, and we started talking about ice cream. I love me some ice cream. I told them about Pistachios, my favorite daughter’s eyes lit up. And off we went to get ice cream and other goodies. Oh my oh my. I could eat that stuff every day, but I shouldn’t.

So anyway, we got back to their house and decided to watch a movie. We joked about some, watched previews for others that pretty much showed the entire movie and/or what we assumed would be the only funny parts of the movie. We finally settled on The Hunter being that we all like William Defoe and it looked like it would be a good movie.

Is it a good movie? To be fair, it was alright. It was very slow in spots, but I sometimes like a slower movie. I think the best part was the cryptozoology. The main character was off to hunt and kill a Tasmanian Tiger. The last one seen in the wild was in the 1930s. Or maybe that was in captivity. I forget. Either way, the movie, although slow and very predictable (I’ve become cynical in my old age) was a decent watch. I wouldn’t have seen it in the theaters, but was a good enough rental.

I bought a couple of ebooks recently. With all the free books I’ve picked up, I decided to buy a couple. I got the Hunger Games trilogy and Mike Stackpole’s Of Limited Loyalty: the Second Book of the Crown Colonies out through Nightshade books. I’m really looking forward to reading both of these. I had had gotten the first Crown Colonies signed by Mike Stackpole at WFC2011. I still need to write up a review for that one. I’ll probably wait and do both.

On the writing front, I hit my word goal yesterday. I’ll hit my word goal today. I’ll hit my word goal tomorrow. At least that’s the plan. Tonight we’re heading up to Huntington Beach. My favorite daughter has a tournament tomorrow so we’ll be heading up there tonight versus driving up at 5am.

If I’m going to hit that goal, I’d better get on it. So…

Until Tomorrow!


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