Daily Update: A little nothing.

I just wasn’t feeling in the blogging mood today. We drove up to Huntington Beach last night. Stayed in an awesome hotel. We upgraded to a suite with a bay view for an extra $20. Had a great view, had a great dinner. Relaxed. I slept great. I woke up very refreshed.

Then my favorite daughter’s team had some volleyball to play. Her games take everything out of me. They’re draining. I cheer. I whistle. I scream. She tells me they can’t hear anything on the court, but it makes me happy.

I also celebrate from the sidelines for every great play and my heart breaks on every bad play or missed point. I really get into the games. I’ve watched other sports, but Volleyball is all action. I would compare it with games like Lacrosse and Field Hockey, but with Volleyball there are a lot of points scored.

So they lost their first two marches, taking each to three games. And they took the third match to three also. The team was the 4th seed in their group. What they didn’t know going in was that group had beat the other two teams and had moved up from a lower division because they were so good. That was frustrating for me to hear also BECAUSE THEY WON!

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m very happy they won. What’s frustrating is they should have won all their matches. It’s like sputtery truck not firing on all cylinders. Once something starts to go wrong, it all falls apart. As a parent you don’t want to see your child lose, but my favorite daughter had an incredible day. She had many awesome digs, and every spike went over the net. She only missed one serve, but that happened after a timeout. Her rhythm had been throw off.

So it was a super proud dad moment to day to see how well she played and how many points she scored. It’s just hard to come back down to reality and write this post.

So speaking of sputtery truck, we took it up this weekend. I hadn’t taken it on a long road trip since getting new guts. It ran great. I even got it up to XX miles per hour and it ran like a champ. Even though I drove up there and back at XX miles per hour, I still got passed by many cars. Simply shocking.

I got through some reading while in our suite. It was nice for all three of us to be crammed into the same spot. I will post a review of what I read soon enough. I’ve got a couple of reviews to write in fact.

I had an idea of what I want to do with my daily word count. I don’t seem to be increasing my fiction writing as quickly as I would like. So for the next month I’m going to try and hit my daily word goal with fiction only. I’m still going to write the daily blog posts, but not count them against my daily word goal. The blog posts will count to the annual goal though. I want to get a number of projects finished and if I’m hitting my word goal with blog posts, I’m not so anxious to write fiction. I need to put a little pressure on myself and get a little push in the right direction.

I’m about two thirds done with the next episode of Golden West and about three fifths done with My Teacher is a Werewolf. I am going to try and do a section of Golden West each month and a ‘My Teacher is’ each month. Then I’m going to finish off To Fall from the Sky and get cranking on Of Gnomes and Dwarves.

I’ve got lofty goals. It’s not easy staying on track, but I am. I surprise myself some days with how many words I’ve written so far this year. Not only surprised, but happy with how they’ve turned out. I’m not writing a lot of garbage like I used to. That may change, I don’t know, but I’m happy with how the words are flowing at some points.

Speaking of words flowing, I should get on that.

Until Tomorrow!


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