Daily Update: a good day.

Yesterday was a long work day. I spent the week fighting with an export to excel function that worked for smaller results but bombed when trying to export a very large data set. Not only that but I had to submit an expense report and that took a lot of back and forth to make sure I had everything filled out properly. Even so I managed to get a lot of work done and a number of smaller requests as well.

Then my favorite daughter had to go help with running a boys volleyball tournament at the school. So I dropped her off and got some dinner. The wife and I stayed home and watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

I know what to expect with these movies and it live up. Some fun parts, some funny lines, some great stunts, and lots of guns. That was about it with a plot. Albeit not much but it was there and it was a fun movie. Some day I need to go back and watch MI:III.

I’ve been reading a lot more than I had been. I’m subscribes to about 100 blobs and that took up a big chunk of my reading time. So I got back to reading fast and furious. I’m currently 1/3 of the way through Mike Stackpole’s In Hero Years I’m dead. I’d bought this book some time ago and I am going through it quickly. Fun, fast-paced book that I will review once I finish it.

Now that I’m reading more I noticed something. My writing session last night was about 40 minutes and before I knew it I’d knocked out 1400 words. If it hadn’t been so late and I needed to get up early I would have kept going. That session got me about 3 or 4 scenes from the end of my teacher is a werewolf.

I am in a writing groove lately. It feels good when I sit and start to bash out words. I think reading more is helping. I’ve always read a lot of words, but reading fiction again is helping me pick up the pace of my writing. I think that’s what I’ve been missing to really crank out the words. I know it’s late, but I’m about to crank out some more words.

Until tomorrow!

Woo woo!

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