Daily Update: In a Land Far Away.

Okay not too far away. But we did head up to LA yesterday. My favorite daughter had a volleyball tournament today. Her and her friend swam, practiced, we ate and I slept great.

The hotel and area we stayed wasn’t the best and there was a huge party in the banquet room, but the rooms were nice enough. I relaxed enough to finish off In Hero Years I’m Dead.

We got early and much volleyball got played. Sadly not by my favorite daughter. Her ankle is still bothering her so she had to sit out. The team did well overall winning two of three matches.

This was the last regular tournament. The next will be a two day tournament in early June. She will be good to go at that time. Until that time it’ll be practice, practice, and more practice.

The drive home went smoothly and we decides to stop in and visit with the Millicans. So far we’ve eaten, watched The HULK ( the second one) and are now watching Iron Man.

Tomorrow I’ll be recording Episode three of Golden West. Scott and Mike will be getting their parts to me and it’ll get assembled and uploaded tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow will also see some more editing of Jack Kane. I hope to get through the edits quickly. It will then head over to Mike for a once over and then off to beta readers. Can’t wait to get reactions on that one.

I got the edits back for Don’t Eat the Bread. That will drop some time next week. You’ll that one drop. I also need to edit My Teacher is a Werewolf. I can’t wait for these stories to drop.

After those are done it’ll be off to Of Gnomes and Dwarves.  I think the excitement has been driving me forward. I cannot wait to jump back in to this universe. Character sketches might be on their way if you’re lucky. 🙂

Until Tomorrow!

Woo Woo!

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