Daily Update: I need a nap.

It was my intention to get up early this morning. Unfortunately I wanted to sleep in. I hit snooze on my phone (I use it as an alarm clock) and was prepared to sleep in a little bit longer, but my phone decided to ring anyway. I got an early morning wake up call with an outage for an App that I support.

Not being on call, this took me by surprise. Not being tier 1 support, I was doubly surprised. They had gotten my name from another system. I did the investigation, found the issue, corrected it, and then told them what to do the next time an incident like this happens.

As it turns out, they would have probably needed to have gotten a hold of me to correct the issue due to the issue. It’s just odd that they call me from the East Coast to have me correct an issue. Ah well. I put the early morning time to good use. I got the currently application I’m working on ready in our TEST environment. Got caught up on a couple projects that needed my attention. Now I feel like I need a nap.

Instead I’m going to make sure I keep organized today. This afternoon/evening I have several things to take care of. I need to record/edit/assemble the next Action Pack Podcast. I’ve got edits from Don’t Eat the Bread to review, implement, and get the file ready to publish. Hopefully that will be out later this week. I’ve already got the cover for that one. I’ve got Jack Kane edits to get on as well. Busy, busy, busy.

Combine that with a long drive to LA and back, up early each day this weekend and even earlier Friday and this morning, I feel the need for a nap. Perhaps I’ll get one, perhaps not. Tomorrow is also my day to head into the office so it’ll be another early morning.

I’m tired, I’m punchy, I need to get my head clear. Please forgive the short post yet again today. I will endeavor to be funnier tomorrow. Maybe I’ll finally write a post about ducks.

Until Tomorrow!


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