Daily Update: Like a new pair of socks in an old pair of shoes.

I’m not a fan of putting anything on my feet. I’m barefoot unless I need to go outside and even in the coldest of weather I’ll be wearing flip flops. I really don’t like having my feet confined. If I do put anything on my feet, I love the feel of new socks. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been washed once or a thousand times. Old socks suck. On the contrary, I love the feel of an old pair of shoes. New shoes are tight and confining. The make my feet feel tired after wearing them for a short time even if I’m wearing new socks (which doesn’t happen often).

But when I slip on a brand new pair of socks and an old, broken in pair of shoes, my feet feel happy. It’s one of the only times when they’re confined that they have that level of comfort. Any other time, if you see shoes on my feet, I’m unhappy. My feet have this need to be free.

So what’s all this about socks and shoes?

I’ve put on a new pair of socks. My writing have changed/evolved/grown over the past 25 years of putting words down on paper. I’ve learned how to tell a story. I have a fairly good idea what works and what’s on shaky ground. I need help from time to time, but my stories and characterization have gotten stronger. When I put down words it’s like slipping on a new pair of socks in that I’m comfortable in what I’m doing.

What about the old pair of shoes? Well, Of Gnomes and Dwarves was the first book I wrote. It’s gone through many iterations, multiple false starts, and more pain ans suffering learning how to write than I care to talk about. But it’s my pain and the characters in the stories haven’t really changed much over the years. They still run around inside my head killing ogres, trolls, goblins and orcs. That’s what they do. It’s what they did. They’re my old pair of shoes that I can throw on any time no matter how ratty they look and be happy with them on my feet. They’re so comfortable that I can walk for miles.

I’ve been writing new words in Of Gnomes and Dwarves. Not only that, I’m adding new scenes. I’m cranking out words like I used to. I’m 5 days in and I’ve written 9500 words thus far. The best part, I’ve cut out a lot and put in so much that those 9500 words don’t even have me getting the first two main characters to meet (that’ll happen in the scene I’m working on and I’m excited about it.)

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m always excited to sit and write. I love putting words down. I have a passion for writing or I wouldn’t have committed to making it a part time job. I would have instead done something else. But Maus, Willie, Reeg, and Dorg are fun characters. Being that I’ve written the first four books (which will serve as nothing more than plot outlines at this point) I know what’s coming up next in vivid detail. I can make references to characters that won’t be introduced until books 2 or 3. I’m adding a level of detail that the world never had before. Sure the characters were fun, the story was a good one, but the writing overall was weak and needed to be greatly improved.

I’m making those improvements. I’m having so much fun being back in that world. I can’t wait to get into chapters where Maus and Willie… well, you’ll just have to wait. Just be happy in the fact that this is a fun story and will be a blast to read.

One of the things I’ve done that I didn’t think I was going to do. My stories were so short in the early days, that I had a story teller. His story had a prologue, interlude, and epilogue. So he would have three chapters per book that would follow his story and my plan was to complete his entire story arc over the entire run of the books. I’m not sure I’m going to include him at all for several reasons. The main reason being that my writing has changed so much that I can now take the same storyline and tell a much richer (i.e. Longer) story with the same story line without adding a lot of bulk that will make the story feel bloated.

For now, my brain is tired. My Favorite Daughter is having two volleyball sessions on Tuesday (today) and Thursday. I’ve got a major code release Thursday night. I lost one of my best programming helpers (Kiran, if you’re reading this, I miss you) and I’ve got so much work on my plate. I need to go to bed, read for a little bit, and then tackle tomorrow.

I didn’t have a chance to get more duck pictures downloaded so I haven’t written that duck post just yet. Soon. Very Very soon.

Until Tomorrow!


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