Daily Update: It’s difficult to stop a moving train.

I will be writing as much as humanly possible again today. You can count on that. My word counts for the past few days (blog posts and fiction) are as follows: 1532,2629,1926,2572,2038,3714,3134. I hope to get over 2000 yet again today. I’m on a roll and it feels GREAT! Words are falling out of my head. I’m adding new scenes. I’m a writing fool I tell you. I’m nearly 25 days ahead of my annual goal. This will make vacations a lot easier as I won’t be stressing about not writing fiction each day (I will still attempt to blog daily).

I’ll be interviewing Mr. Plested tomorrow for his own podcast. I’ll be recording Golden West this week. I’ll be recording lines (audition lines) for J. Daniel Sawyer. I’ll be recording an episode of Unorthodox Writing Tips. I’ll be busy as I can be and loving it.

The way Of Gnomes and Dwarves is falling into place makes me very happy. Everything about the new plot lines, the character development, making it fresh and easy to read, I’m just enjoying it all. The original was roughly 60,000 words and it lacked in so many ways. The new version will likely be 90,000 or better, but it’s not feeling bloated as I’m writing it. It’s feeling like a real book. Like an actual epic fantasy story should feel. It’s difficult to describe, but I’m just so happy with the words and I can’t wait to share them with the world.

What are my plans for this story?

Glad you axed. (little plun there, Willie has a big axe and he isn’t afraid to use it).

I’ll most likely be self-pubbing this one. I’ll get a professional cover done. I’ll look at getting the insides professionally laid out. I’ll get great editing for it. I’m going to do this one right. I’ll be reworking Astel sometime this year also. Mostly just getting the editing done better and leaving it out there.

Why am I going to do this one on my own? Because I have so many plans for this one. I plan on writing a lot of books in this universe. Short stories. Character descriptions. I’ll be getting art work done. I’m going to have a lot of fun with this one. I’m going to do this one better than I did Astel (which I kind of let fall flat, sadly). I’ll also look at doing the audio and getting that up on podiobooks once the ebook is out and ready for consumption. This way as people listen they’ll be able to find the book.

I’ll tell you this now, once you get into the story, you’re not going to want to wait and see what happens next. No, really. It’s a fun and fast story. Just you wait and see.

I’ve got some other regular world things to go and do. We’re going camping this weekend. I need to pick up a surfboard and mount it for my favorite daughter’s old middle school. I need to order a new mouse.

OH! New Mouse! I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to get the M.M.O. 7. This was the one I thought might be too pricey, but I figure I spend all day sitting at the computer, why shouldn’t I have a really good mouse? Yeah. Why not? It’ll help me download pictures of ducks faster so I can finally write that duck post and people can stop asking me what this obsession I have with ducks is all about.

Until Tomorrow!


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