Daily Update: Color me sleepy.

My intention this morning was to get up very early and spend some time writing. Why? I have a database migration to monitor and it started in the wee hours. Yes, I was up very early. At least my body was up quite early. My brain did not engage until a couple hours later. Even then I thought I’d get a little writing time in. Silly me.

It’s been a moderately busy morning and I really haven’t had time to sit and actually write anything. I’m typing this up in between instant messages from individuals and from a group room. It’s highly distracting and of course requires much of my attention. Soon we’ll begin testing and once that’s done perhaps I’ll get some writing done.

I intended to hit the hay early last night. I’d forgotten that my favorite daughter would be at the One Direction concert. We picked up her and her friend from the arena around 11:30PM and got into bed around 12:30 (traffic after a concert *shudder*). This was the first time they had gone to something by themselves like this. It was a scary dad moment, but there is a LOT of security for these events and the girls are smart and for the most part pay attention to their surroundings.

They had a great time and continued their screamfest in Sputtery Truck as we got them something to eat and made the trek back home. Apparently they had really good seats. From the picture it’s difficult to tell, but I’ve been to that arena before and know where they sat. They would be good seats. 🙂

Not much writing happened yesterday. I do hope I’ll have time later today. This afternoon I plan on taking a nap and at some point go and see Prometheus. I’ve seen mixed reviews. I know it’ll be good eye candy. I’m just hoping that the story will hold up. I’ve been cynical lately and the Avengers too my movie expectations to a whole new level. I’m still hopeful and I will write a review after I see it.

If my day has anything to say about it, I’ll be productive as possible. Though I’m not sure my day is going to cooperate. At the moment it’s a wait and see game.

I need to get busy with this migration. The Millican has a duck picture for me. I’ll make sure to post it here.

Until Tomorrow!


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