Daily Update: I relaxed and went to the movies

Yesterday was one of those days that I just could not motivate myself to do anything. I watched a couple TV shows with the Wife, dropped off my Favorite Daughter at a friend’s house for a party, and watched a few of my TV shows.

I made it through the last couple episodes of Ancient Aliens. I really like the episodes where they go into the archeology over the ones where they cover religious texts. A building is something you can see, a text is something that’s translated from one language to another and a lot is lot in age and translation. Massive, unexplained megalithic structures are frickin awesome! Words written down ages ago that are now (for the most part) considered mythology, not so much.

I also watched a National Geographic special on pyramids in China. Being that I wrote a short story for the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences that relates to the burial mound of the First Emperor of China I though it would be good to rewatch that and make sure I had my facts correct. I did. 🙂

Then there was some dinner eaten and I went and saw this little movie called Prometheus. I went with the Millican, his boy, and his older daughter’s boyfriend. There will be a review later today on that one. Might contain spoilers, might not. We’ll see.

Today will be another lazy day. I will work out. I will write some. I will watch a few more TV shows. There’s a lot of writing to do, and I will get to it. Fear not. I’ve got a lot of day left, so I think I’ll get to it.

Until Tomorrow!


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